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Patch 1.30.2 Live And Ready... Right?

01.12.18 | Flipi 2216


If you woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, you're not the only one. As promised, the 1st of December marks another milestone in the unfolding journey towards Warcraft 3: Reforged. Hail Warchiefs, Lichs, Commanders, and Keepers.. 

Today saw the release of Blizzard's newest patch for the game (1.30.2), as well as the resolution of an unexpected problem that many have faced since the announcement of the remastered game release next year, that of access to Warcraft 3 classic. As of today, those who pre-purchase Reforged, or already own legacy keys, also gain access to classic via the installer released here.

There are those though, who didn't look at today with anticipation as much as dread. As we know, a controversial impact of the newest patch is the potential end of host bots. We covered the initial story here. As of yet, there has been no further statements from Blizzard about the devastating effects the patch will have on the custom games community and all the infrastructure they have built up over the past years through development and improvements to host bots. It does remain something we would always hope for though, to see stronger ties and communication between the community and developers.  

Unfortunately, whether you fall into one, both, or even the third category from the above, you are likely to be facing various issues upon freshly downloading or updating your existing game. Since launch, the patch seems to have broken far more than it has fixed. Issues relating to disconnects, crashes and total lack of access to servers have run rampant throughout melee and custom game experiences alike. Hotfixes are inbound, but whether they may salvage December 1st as a day of excitement, remains to be seen.



Eagerly decide to check out the new patch. Start the game after patching... instant crash. I've seen it before, so reinstall the game to see if that changes anything. That fixed it, nice. Log in and check out the new game list. Looking great. Play a game of Canned Bread with random people from different realms, awesome. Hear that AT is broken so search for a RT game instead. No luck, can't find anything, while yesterday I could find games in ~30 seconds. No problem, we'll play inhouse games instead. Invite someone from another clan to play. He can't talk in our channel, must be a new bug. No problem, we'll communicate via Discord. Hosting works without port forwarding as promised, thanks Blizzard! Start the game... instant desync. I've seen it before, must be because I played a non-melee game earlier, so restart Warcraft 3 to fix it. Host a new game, but notice during the countdown that our teams are wrong, so leave the game. This crashed the game for the person hosting. Upon trying to log back in, he gets an error message that his CD keys are still in use. No inhouse games as well, I guess. Who plays melee anyway, guess I'll do some Canned Bread instead.
Stay positive I guess... But also I think it's very fair to voice the discontent at this weekend. Ugri has a graph going round showing the impact online, not a great show..
My post was written out of ridicule (it really happened though). It shows how much we put up with the bugs and still try to keep on playing. Ugri's graph shows that as well; nothing worked and yet people stayed online and kept trying to play games. The installer bugs have been there since the upgraded patching process, the desyncs have been there since 1.30, the countdown bug was already found&reported on the PTR. The bugs just keep on piling up, and Blizzard keeps on releasing new patches that add bugs rather than fix them. People put up with it (me included), but it's completely ridiculous when you write it out like this.
I didn't miss the mood, and enjoyed reading it in that fashion. You're very correct, some changes come slowly and then you need to take a step back and realise what is in front of you.
They killed bots and killed ladder at the same time + added new bugs. Well done.

(for those who didnt know about ladder: if you have 65%≈ you search 5-10 min and get 40-45% opponent even if there are other players with stats like me around).
I started the campaign 1 month ago and now I cant continue with it. Patch has broken my saved games ...
Blizzard is the new Windows?
hope they fix that shit... we need a better wc3 not a worst.
They broke some legacy code regarding Replay Parsers as well. I know the Parsers are not official Blizzard technology but it would be appreciated if they paid some attention to that in the future. The replay community depends on that.
Thanks for making efforts again though +_+
I don't play custom games often so maybe i dont know what i am talking about but from my expierence this new patch made custom games 100 times better. I dont understand the "devastating effects of the patch on the custom games community" but as i said i am not an expert.
My experience was great. Everyone can host their own favorite custom games very easilly. Games got full in matter of seconds, Unlike before where you were waiting alone in a game for hours and no one showed up. (Maybe its just bc the patch is new and everyone is hyped to try the new custom games features)
I saw some maps in the custom games that i haven't played for 10+ years, like Uther's party and some classic TD's.
I even found some very old maps and hosted them myself easily. Those old maps got full of players very fast too.
Yes there are a lot of bugs in general and especially if the maps are old.
Yes the matchmaking broke and that is unacceptable.
Your experience isn't incorrect. After all, those who aren't facing issues don't run around shouting how nothing has changed, the ones with problems are always more vocal. Problem is, the amount in the negative pot of players is far greater than normal, and the impact is being felt across melee, custom and general access. Even more formal organised events are facing issues, this is a very strange and counter-intuitive impact. We want to promote events and communities after all.

Glad you got some good nostalgic games ^^ That sounds pretty great. Hopefully soon everyone else will be able to join and enjoy smoothly as well.
Ï cant join any Custom games after the new patch. It only says that it cant be found. When I click on lets say "Broken Alliances" and then "join Game" it doesnt work. Something is bugged with the new patch.
AND another thing.... My account that ive had for... I dont know how many years... 12 maybe? is deleted. "accoutn doesnt exist". So I had to make a new one. just throwing it out here.
If you start fixing bugs in old software, side effects pop like flowers in spring. I prefer a highly instable game for some months instead of no changes at all. Also, these host bots made it impossible to find custom games for me, f.e. 10 HLW open but all empty... Anyway, sad if years of community efforts are lost for now.

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