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WC3 Player Earnings 2017

01.07.17 | Parasect 1340


Many people are wondering if there is still money to be made in Warcraft 3. Even though there are some tournaments with big prize pools such as goldWCA, goldGCS or the upcoming goldNeo Star League, the vast majority of players isn't able to claim these titles. Most prizes are won by a small amount of pro players. But who is earning the most?

Parasect is keeping track of results and earnings. He posts these numbers once a month in the WC3 Reddit. Here are his most recent findings for the WC3 Player Earnings in 2017.


WC3 Player Earnings 2017 July

Full and detailed table:

So far we've had $150,955 of prizes in 2017. Not too bad for such an old game! Of course these prizes are heavily concentrated on the Asian community. It is no surprise that South Korea and China are way ahead of over countries due to great players like Focus, 120 and TH000. Furthermore, many events are not very accessible for western players.

The western players on the board are Happy who has mostly earned his place by winning many smaller events such as Gera Cups and MooCups and Foggy who has been winning western events and has also gained some ground in the Asian scene.

Sidenote for all the people who have not been keeping up with WC3 news: No! Grubby does not actively compete in WC3 but he was invited and had a nice run (silver2nd place) with his team in Nostalgia Battlefield.

Maybe Happy, Foggy, Hawk or Orcworker can put their names on the board and increase their earnings in the upcoming GCS.

Some additional stats about last month: In June, WC3 players competed for a total of $2,875. The largest prize pool was Check Cup 5 with $529. goldLyn earned the most ($559) by winning Check Cup 5 ($353) and To Be The King 4 ($206). A close second place goes to silverFocus ($547) and third to bronzeHappy ($197)

For most players, the amount of prize money earned is not enough to survive on. They either play WC3 while having an actual job or add to their prize earnings through additional revenue streams such as livestreaming or getting sponsors.

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