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LAN organized in Paris in December

22.11.18 | UgriWC3 1431


SaTan the leader of clan FRA is organizing a LAN in Paris the weekend of December 1 & 2.

He asked for our help to spread the word and we gladly obliged.

Tournament's structure

  • When: from December 1st 13:00 CEST to December 2nd 07:00 CEST.
  • Where: Cyber café Milk Asus E-sport Arena - 31 Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75001 Paris.
  • How much: 25€ to rent the computer, 10€ for the prize pool.
  • Prize Pool: 180€ at the moment - 110€ - 50€ - 20€
  • Competition format: Round Robin BO1 to seed the players then playoffs for the top 16.
  • Map pool: TM TR TSLV EI LR AZ SV AI CH
  • Registration: SaTan#7530 on discord

Confirmed participants

If you want to meet with some of the most famous French players at the moment, this will be the best occasion.

Anima, SyDe, GueSs, KevinSchwehm, Kira are among the registered players. Thirteen overall already confirmed their participation.

Chat with SaTan - the organizer

Please tell us about your experience in organizing LANs, I think you organized quite a few?

The last LAN I organized took place two years ago in the same gaming room. We gathered twelve players then and everything just went perfectly. Players were on time and the organization went very smoothly.

Prior to 2016 I participated in many LAN between 2005 and 2010 and could help then the admins in the organization since we already knew each other through the game. 

Is it interesting for lower skilled players to participate?

We already have true amateurs registered in the thirteen current participants. Some have a 52% win rate on just to give you an idea.

LANs are a good play to gain experience, they can ask questions to better players and maybe upgrade their ways of playing the game with new strategies or new ways to manages their units...

Participating will only help them make some progress. This tournament only aims at creating a friendly moment between WC3 fans. We hope to see many of you joining us on December 1st!

This is a really cool initiative. I myself discovered the game during a LAN in 2001. There is just something special at being gathered with friends in a room for a full day just playing the game we love and have fun, while usually eating junk food.

Do not hesitate to show up and have some fun!



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