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Interview with Lawliet: Full House

25.06.17 | UgriWC3 972


Back in December

Lawliet, do you feel confident for WCA?

No, no... I'm noob!

When I've met Lawliet for the first time, it was at WCA 2016 in December. Although he qualified from the most difficult region, he was not very confident. He had been eliminated early from GCS by Rudan and did not perform very well overall since his qualification in May.

Korea had only 2 seats at WCA and they took 1st and 2nd place! Lawliet ended being Vice-World Champion, eliminating TH000 or Foggy quite easily in the process.

Now that Lawliet seems to be a noob again with many unexpected losses, I felt it was a good time for an interview. And to discuss a little bit about his famous roomates : Sok, Chaemiko and

His skill, his goals, his life in the A1 house... let's talk about it all!

Hello Lawliet, 1st time I met you during WCA you said you were just a noob. Then you ended 2nd best in the world?

During WCA 2016 APAC qualifier in May, I was able to focus my attention entirely on Warcraft. Then I had to attend classes from September to November and it affected my play.

And really, my practice games made me pessimistic for WCA, so "I am a noob" were the very words coming from the bottom of my heart.

Strangely enough, I have always been lucky while participating in WCA tournaments – WCA 2015 (3rd place), 2016 and KOR vs CHN (victory as team captain). I was literally euphoric when I finally grabbed the tickets to the Semi-final and Grand final stages. 

With Yumiko and Lyn after WCA Finals

You cannot seem to win a game anymore, so now are you really a noob?  

It is so weird... I think I can be above average on Netease and during practice matches, but I can’t seem to be able show my best in tournament anymore. Maybe I finally become a ‘noob’ really? Playing too much Starcraft 2 and LOL might be the reason, so I’m going to stop playing them.

You did not qualify last time for GCS Fall 2016. Neither for GCS Spring (I know you were banned :D). Still not qualified for GCS 2017 : are you cursed with GCS?

Seriously, I think so. While WCA gives me a bunch of luck, GCS throw me plenty of curse. If I’m not wrong, January 6th 2016, almost 18 months ago, was my last GCS season (lost in the group stage to Moon and Xixi). I really want to break the spell this time. 

You live with Sok, Chaemiko and Soin can you give more details about this? and Sok; we knew each other since 2008 and 2009. I met Chaemiko approximately in 2013. In 2017, we decided to spend a year living together for practicing, streaming...

Of course, there are pros and cons of making a team house. We have to collect some money to pay for our expenses, and since it is bigger than we expected, this one is our biggest challenge. But living together allows us to gather feedbacks and knowledge from the group easily and fast.

We traveled to Japan in March and went to an amusement park last week together : it was absolutely great!

We live in apartment, and I think it is big enough. If you have a plan to visit Korea, let me know to invite you and make a room for you. :D 

Sometimes we have guests to our team house. Mostly, they are my dear friends – Bluetale (A1 Team manager), Believe and Free. 

Since we already ended the first half of 2017, we have only 6 months left to stay together. It’s a bit sad but still a lot of competitions await us. I hope all of us are going to make good results!

When you all stream at the same time, does it break your internet? :D

Truth be told, I don’t know exactly because we haven’t streamed much at the same time, but there is no problem to play games simultaneously. 

Who has the most successful NE Korean stream on twitch : you, Check or Remind?

Hmm.. Maybe Check? I cant be sure that I’m not that one ?? But I’m always trying to be on top.

Please visit and enjoy my stream!

Remind Cups, Check Cups : when will there be a Lawliet Cup?

For your information, there was LawLiet Cup already, even before ReMinD Cup and Check Cup were on their stream.

With a lot of helping hands from b2w, Keke and Yeonhwa, I held my own cup as nations championship; such as Korea vs China and Korea vs Europe. Of course, I hope LawLiet cup would have lasted more, but there are some difficulties and setbacks to gather enough prize money.

What did you do with your WCA prize?

I gave it all to my parents.

Something else to add, a word for the fans?

Like I always say, although I can’t play Warcraft 3 well enough, I sincerely appreciate my fans for supporting me and watching my stream. Even though I don’t know when this interview will be online, but I hope you are going to see this one with a news of LawLiet being qualified in GCS.

I’m going to do my best in every tournament, so please, stay tuned. Also, it would be good to see more announcements of new Warcraft 3 competitions.

Finally, I want to give a bunch of thanks to Ugri, for making this great interview, Bluetale, for translating my words, and my dear brothers –, Sok and Chaemiko –

A few words from his roomates

Tell us something we do not know about Lawliet? : aha hard to tell, well i do not know exactly what you know about!

Chaemiko : after 6 months living with him, I discovered three things about him - he loves to make dad jokes, he really takes care of his brothers and he is a great singer!

What will you miss the most of the time you all spent together this year? : I will miss the ordinary things that seems like common things but are not (cleaning the house together...). I will also miss betting on Karaoke with Sok!

We have a nice Karaoke contest program in Korea and we play all together. Sok sings worse than me or Lawliet but his confidence is the best. I win the bets all the time, he is my "pro donator". I could show you in the A1 house, he bought so many icecreams and beverages... 

Chaemiko : the travels we made together to Taiwan and Japan, I will keep these memories until my very end. It's so hard to describe those trips in details... we had so many extraordinary encounters and great moments together. These will be my most cherished memories.

A new K-Pop band arises : - Lawliet - Chaemiko - Sok

GCS Qualifiers 3 : the curse continues!

I wanted to end this article on a positive note but once again, Lawliet failed short to qualify, losing to his 2v2 comrade A1.Focus. A1 members had to battle each other a lot in this Loser Bracket with even a roomate match between Chaemiko and Sok!

Lawliet had potentially the hardest path, facing Lyn twice, eliminating Yumiko and /Sini using Human. Yes, Lawliet lost twice before to his OvN so he tried to destabilize him playing Humans, and it worked!

3 more slots will be given during the last Qualifiers. Many big names are yet to qualify (Lyn, Xixi, Romantic, Yumiko, Check...) as well as our 4 friends from the A1 house.

I'm sure some of them will qualify anyway, but this might not be Lawliet. No, not because he is a noob... he is just cursed! :)


Dear Lawliet : I might not "qualify" for Shanghai neither anyway, I did not receive any confirmation... In case we both fail, I will just come to Seoul listen to some of your "dad jokes" then we will hit the Karaoke. I might bet some ice-creams...Better hurry, only 6 months left!

goldgoldThank you for the interviewgoldgold

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