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What's new on Warcraft3.Info? Spoiler free videos!

10.11.18 | David 2141


In the spirit of Warcraft 3 Reforged bringing a nicer visual impression AND new features, we've decided to do the same with our website. We are proud to announce the release of our new spoiler free video section!


The main section displays all events with videos


On your first visit, you will be asked to select your spoiler preference (yellow element on the right hand side). You can choose between "Names & Results", "Names only", and "None".

  • Names & Results: Show all spoilers (player names & results)
  • Names only: Show all players but hide results and video length
  • None: Only shows player names for the first round of the event and hides everything else

Regardless of your chosen settings, you can also click on any fields in brackets such as [PLAYER] or [RESULT] to remove the spoiler protection for that field. The default spoiler setting is "None" so you won't risk seeing spoilers on your first visit.

Even though we have completely changed our video section, the Youtube Playlist and Advanced Search have been preserved. You can still access these sections through the links on the left hand side. Please note however that they're not spoiler free.


Event view with spoiler preference: "None"


In the event view, you can see all the available videos for specific events. If you have chosen not to see any spoilers, player names will only be visible for the first round. You can always reveal specific spoilers by clicking on the [PLAYER] and [RESULT] elements. Next to the event name there is also a link to Liquipedia. Of course that link contains major spoilers!


Spoiler free Youtube Player


Using the "Names only" or "None" spoiler preferences, the Youtube Player will not display the video's progress bar to prevent spoilers. We have created our own custom controls so you can skip through any boring parts or return to an exciting fight that you'd like to watch again.

If applicable, links to the previous and next match will be displayed on the bottom along with the maps for the chosen match if we have the data available. If spoiler protection is activated, there may be some "fake" maps so you cannot know when the series will end. If we have the exact timestamps for each map available, there will be a link to jump to that certain map. However, there is not too much data available for this feature at the moment.


I hope you will enjoy the new section. You can access it through the "Videos" link on the top or by clicking on this link. The majority of videos are made by Back2Warcraft but there are also other great content creators such as Hi2Chaco and Lucifer available. The video data comes from Liquipedia. Our gratitude goes towards all the volunteers who continue to update the wiki. If you want to help our community, Liquipedia can always use some additional volunteers!


Bonus: Development Updates

Just in case you've missed other areas of development on Warcraft3.Info, here's a quick summary of our most notable recent changes:

  • We have released an automated ELO ranking. It is based on Whole-History Rating (WHR) by Rémi Coulum and updated once a week. The ELO calculation is based on all the events you can see on this page.
  • The replay index page will only show replays from version 1.30 onward. This improves page speed by a great deal. If you want to see some older replays don't worry -- they are still available using the advanced search
  • A couple of weeks ago, we enabled the front end to access historic ranking data for our and Netease rankings. Select a date other than "today" in the drop down to access a past ranking.
  • Whenever a player has won an event, we will now display a  trophy next to his name in the "Latest Results" section on the right side bar.
  • We have added a light box feature to our articles. In this and most future articles, you can click on the images to get an expanded view (try it in this article!).

If you have feedback, please let us know so in the comments or join us on Discord and have a chat there.

Cheers, David



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