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Press Conference with Rob Bridenbecker and Brian Sousa

04.11.18 | UgriWC3 3355

Introduction just participated in a press conference with the Executive Producer and the Lead Artist of Warcraft 3: Reforged.

Let's go through the most interesting answers in no particular order.

The difference between 'remastered' and 'reforged' 

Reforged will go further than just work on the aesthetics of the game. Warcraft 3 was Blizzard's first 3D game and has an important place in WoW's storyline.

Example : important characters like Sylvanas Windrunner have a more minor role in Warcraft 3. This will be the occasion to expand her story.

Custom games : How easy will it be for map creators to translate their maps into Reforged?

If a map is completely made from WC3 original assets then yes, it should be fairly easy. 

However, if those assets are custom made then this will be more difficult and it is obviously impossible to transfer all of the thousands maps into Reforged.

That's why they have worked with the map making communities (note: Classic Department had meetings in China, a few months ago) as well as recruiting some of them into their team. The most important maps are being identified. For the rest, map creators will be given the necessary tools.

Will there be a Reforged tournament organized for Blizzcon next year?

It is too early to think about the Esport aspect of the game yet.The priority is to finish the product. Blizzard's partners in China, Netease, runs the Golden League Championship very successfully and this satisfies Blizzard plenty. There are no specific plans for Blizzcon at this point.

The most challenging part in remastering Warcraft 3

The goal was not to split the communities between SD and Reforged users as for Blizzard there should be only one Warcraft 3 community.

The most challenging is to make sure that any animation and spells translates perfectly into Reforged. That's why they have to go through the list of all the animations present in the game and make sure their duration remains exactly the same.

They also decided to give an individual design to all the assets in the game (units, buildings, critters etc...). In Reforged, for example, two different Murloc units are designed individually and not just given different colors. 

They plan to give an individual design to each named heroes. As of now, any paladin in WC3 is designed as Uther in WC3 whatever his name may be (note : the Paladin has currently 14 different names in the SD version).

There are about 4,000 assets in the game in total to go through in the SD version.  And there will be 1,000 more to create, most notably for the heroes.

Very little designs from the Night Elves race have surfaced

The team priority was to work on the Orc race as they felt this was the race that defines the Warcraft 3 Lore the most. They then worked on the Humans for the very same obvious reason.

The third race to receive their attention was the Undead race, so it could be included in the demo "The Culling".

For Night Elves, the concept is already set.




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