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Blizzcon 2018 : Warcraft 3 Reforged announced for 2019

02.11.18 | UgriWC3 2599

Introduction along with Back2Warcraft were present in Anaheim for Blizzcon’s opening ceremony.

The long awaited announcement of a Warcraft 3 remaster finally became reality.

Quite many rumors circulated about a big announcement for WC3, these last weeks. Props to Blizzard for keeping the secret until the ceremony. We knew something was up obviously since we wouldn’t have been invited, we just had no idea what it was going to be about.

Pete Stilwell presents Warcraft 3 Reforged

The tension was unbearable until Pete Stilwell’s arrival on stage. The Senior Producer of the Classic Department gave quite an emotional speech before announcing a 4K remastered version of WC3 for 2019.

All campaigns from RoC and TFT will be available and one mission was already playable : The Culling (RoC 6th mission in the Human Campaign).

Grubby live with WC3 Reforged

Grubby was able to play “The Culling” live right after the ceremony. Grubby himself admitted he did not know about the announcement, or did he? He would host the panel “Inside Warcraft III: Reforged" closely after.

After 30 minutes, he was joined by Nicholas Louie, Test Lead of the Classic Department's team.

Hive made a good summary of the discussion :

  • Same engine as classic WC3, current engine upgraded (confirmed),
  • On Battle.Net Launcher (confirmed),
  • Crossplay between Reforged and Classic (confirmed),
  • In options, you can choose to play with old graphics (confirmed),
  • Classic mods compatible on Reforged (confirmed),
  • Reforged includes ROC & TFT campaigns (confirmed),
  • "Skins" and cosmetics, Paladin can be either Arthas, Uther, Arthas /w Frostmourne... (confirmed)
  • Released in 2019 (confirmed),
  • Founding of Durotar "revamp" (confirmed) and probably more (not confirmed),
  • New editor can import old maps (confirmed),
  • Old map will load HD models (confirmed),
  • Animated trees (confirmed and seen),
  • Frozen Throne getting remastered as well (confirmed),
  • Audio will be upgraded, in every language Classic had and even more (re-recording with the same old actors) (confirmed),
  • Old audio will still be in the game (confirmed),
  • Achievements system (confirmed),
  • New editor will be an improved version of the current editor (confirmed),
  • Melee gameplay *mostly* unaffected (confirmed),
  • New races ("Can't comment."),
  • Balancing will continue to happen post-Reforged (confirmed),
  • System requirement can't be said yet, due to the game still being in dev. (confirmed),
  • No subtitle / textbox in cinematic-mode ?
  • Game runs at 30-40 fps, unoptimized and streamed from a laptop,
  • Inventory size being looked at (more than 6) (confirmed).

There will obviously be much talk in the next few days.

Thousands of WC3 fans queuing to try the demo

We were lucky enough to get an early access to the game. Literally thousands of players started to queue to have the privilege to get an early peak!

This was honestly very moving, probably the first time I enjoyed seeing people queuing.

A new twitter channel has been created by Blizzard for WC3. I very much suggest that you start following it immediately!

You can head over for more information and to preorder the game right away.

We shall simply conclude with the official gameplay trailer: Exciting times ahead !



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