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Warcraft 3 Liquipedia: From Alpha to Full Wiki

31.10.18 | RehcraM 1605


If you have read just a few of my articles, you probably know that I make use of Liquipedia frequently - both as a source for data, knowledge and overall inspiration. Today the Liquipedia staff launched the Warcraft 3 section as a full Wiki. This is quite a feat for the dedicated contributers and, in my opinion, very well deserved - definitely a cause for a celebratory tribute article!

What Are The Consequences?

Having become a full Wiki does not change much, Warcraft 3 Liquipedia is still the same old site that we know and love. 

One thing changed is that Warcraft now is visible directly from the drop-down menu when you are in other sections of Liquipedia. This makes the game more visible and - hopefully - makes for more traffic.

Passing the initial Alpha phase of Liquipedia is mostly a sign of prestige and recognition. Several big-titled games, like PUBG and League of Legends, have yet to make the transition into a full Wiki, which testifies the fact, that they set the bar high.

A Steady Rise

"Slow" and "Steady" are two words that often goes hand-in-hand. This is, however, not the case for the Wiki. They have had a steady rise in popularity, but slow is definitely not an adjective that I find fitting. Starting just in the midst of 2016, they have boomed their way to very impressive monthly page views - several hundred-thousand per month on average!

There are many groups of unsung heroes in a community like ours. One of said groups is definitely the Liquipedia team.

The list of volunteers who has contributed to updating the site is long, but some people in particular have done a notable amount of work. Like Turbosau who has made a staggering 15,508 edits! Also names like x3-DemoN, Selec7, and Stowka each have several thousand of edits to their name.

The Content of Liquipedia

Liquipedia is mostly known and used for their tournament pages, which contains grids with attached replays and game information to each match and general information about the tournament (e.g. date, prize pool, format). Secondly many are well-acquainted with their player- and unit profiles, where you can find information about player earnings, unit stats, and much more.

But Liquipedia also has a lot of different things to offer. Below I have highlighted just some of the pages that I have find underappreciated. Perhaps you have yet to read them. If that is the case, I highly encourage you to do so!

  1. Pseudo Random Distribution in Warcraft
  2. Elo rating
  3. Summed up player earnings
  4. Attack Speed (Calculation and effect on DpS)

Want To Contribute Yourself?

The general idea of Wiki's are that they are made by the community. It is not a private group. Everyone who is willing and capable of putting in some hours to update tournament scores, creating new pages about game mechanics, or something completely different are welcome.

Even though the Wiki has come a long way already, there is plenty more ground to be covered. If you are interested in helping, create a Liquipedia account, join the Liquipedia Discord server and let people know that you are willing to help!



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