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Highest Earning Warcraft 3 Players

30.10.18 | RehcraM 2806


There are several ways to measure success in games. Who won the most premier tournaments? Who peaked the highest? Who has revolutionised the game the most? Sources of error are to be found in every single method used. The arguably most popular way is to look at prize money won, since it is a very tangible method. This is exactly what we are going to do in this article!

With numbers from sites like Liquipedia or esportearnings, one can quickly figure out who has earned the most from Warcraft 3 prize pools.

I got curious about the player earnings over time for the game. Both to see when the prize pool of the game was at it highest/lowest and to see when the different players peaked (in terms of money earned).  The data is out there, but I did not find any good visualisation or comparison between players. With the help of the data provided by Liquipedia, I have therefore made a visualisation.

The players I have included are the top five highest earning players:

  1. Moon ($462,850)
  2. Lyn ($388,640)
  3. Infi ($270,690)
  4. Grubby ($268,910)
  5. TH000 ($245,230)

There is a somewhat considerable difference among the numbers of Liquipedia and esportearnings, but observations we will be able to make, will not be affected by this too much. All the data used in the article is from Liquipedia to remain consistent.

In the graph below, the currency of the y-axis is USD ($).


What immediately stands out is Moon's earnings in 2007, where he earned over a whopping $168,000! Other than that (and the other couple of peaks), it is hard to tell too much from the graph as it all scrambles together.

To clear things up a bit, let us take a look at the same data, just accumulated over the years.

I find the graph above interesting as you, very easily, can tell when the players peaked in performance and when they were active. 

Many things could be concluded from this data, but for this article I will just keep it short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at the Warcraft 3 player earnings as much as I did!



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