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GenoZ American Cup announced

24.10.18 | UgriWC3 1739


The flood of hype from WGL America has not yet subsided and we already have more great news for the Americas. Gianni Rosheuvel is inaugurating the first GenoZ American Cup on Sunday.

This ambitious tournament plans to occur on a weekly basis for players from the Americas only.

Two weeks ago Gianni got in touch with us to organize a weekly cup for players from South and North America. It will be called GenoZ American Cup, GenoZ being his account on Azeroth. Australians and New-Zelanders are allowed to register as well.
We set up a pure American admin team and are ready to go!

GenoZ American Cup 1
 : October 28th - 18:00 New-York , 17:00 Lima, 15:00 Los Angeles
Registration : here
Where? : Azeroth, channel ESL (not "clan ESL"!)
Head admin : Gianni
Casters : Lado/HunterD
Prizepool : 30 USD - Winner takes it all. 
Prizing will be provided and fulfilled by Gianni. Payment will be done via PayPal within 48 hours after receiving all payment information. Players are responsible for providing accurate information necessary for payment. ESL is not responsible for the distribution of prizing.
Banner by RehcraM (background art by Tim Guo)
Structure : First rounds BO1, Semi Finals and Final BO3

Let's use this occasion to introduce Gianni to the public and discuss his longtime involvement with Warcraft 3.

Can you give us a little introduction about your history with WC3?

I played Warcraft 3 when Frozen Throne came out and followed the competitive scene religiously from 2005 till 2011. I was a content developer for MeetYourMakers (MYM) during the old days of the Moon, Susiria, Lucifer & StoRm lineup and with epic rivalries against Fnatic, SK, and WE. I stopped following the scene some time after Starcraft II came out and a lot of players started retiring from the scene. When Grubby officially quit WC3 was when I stopped following the competitive scene. That was a really sad day for the scene and it felt that it was simply time to move on.

 What motivated you into sponsoring this weekly cup?

I've always kept observing the scene on and off even after I moved away from Warcraft III and I've always sworn to some day come back and give back to the scene where everything started for me. Blizzard announcing that they were going to start patching the game and touching it up a bit more was definitely the biggest motivating factor, especially because at the time I stopped following the scene the game felt abandoned. Patches were coming in slowly or not at all. custom game scene was dying out due to being overrun by host bots. Ladder filled with hackers. And the game had balancing issues. I stopped around the time Orcs were winning everything and the only Undead player competitively active was TeD. It's nice to see them give the game some attention again.

Four cups are scheduled, do you plan to keep sponsoring beyond that?

I most certainly plan on setting up more tournaments after the initial four cups.

What would be a satisfactory number of participants for you?

I am looking to start off small. Even filling out a full 8-man bracket will make me happy and from there see it grow to 16 and eventually 32 player bracket.

Did you follow WGL America Qualifier? How did you judge the current level of the scene and Peru's performance?

I did follow the WGL America qualifiers when it happened. I was not surprised to see Hunter win again. Right now he is the best player in South America and perhaps #1 in the American region when LongWalk isn't around. As for the current level of the scene, it certainly seems that Hunter has been the player to beat for a while. But aside from him, the scene appears to be quite competitive with Peru currently fielding some of the better players in the region.

If you have anything to add or say, you can do it there!

I hope the American scene gives these tournaments a shot. I am definitely looking to be in it for the long haul and get to know a community that I am not entirely familiar with (American scene). I've been watching a lot of players that I have been impressed with and/or just enjoy watching such as iNSUPERABLE, Lado, OC and Sosorryman. I'm hoping more players will get the opportunity to establish themselves outside of just being a name on a bracket.

We wish a long life to the GenoZ American Cup! Do not hesitate to register and participate. If you want to help with the organization or the coverage, you can contact me on discord Ugrilainen#3478.

See you on Sunday!



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