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Content Creator Highlight #4: GornLan Habor

19.10.18 | RehcraM 902


Due to the language barrier, the Chinese and Western Warcraft 3 scene have been segregated for the most part. It's been hard to understand the thought process of Chinese players, and at times quite cumbersome to get Chinese news and interviews translated into English. This summer GornLan Harbor (GLH) started translating Chinese videos and articles into English, making the consumption of Chinese Warcraft 3 content much more accessible. 

I've had the pleasure of interviewing the small GornLan Harbor team, and feature them in the Content Creator Highlight!

Quick Overview of the Content

Through their TwitterFacebook and their Reddit, GLH has been posting a ton of content. Since their start in July they've posted no less than 110 pieces of content (News, commentary, patch reviews, etc.). To some it may not sound like a big feat, as GLH is not actually producing content themselves, they are just translating. But anyone who's been translating themselves, might be well-aware of the vast amount of time it takes to do so. Especially when translating longer videos.

The source of translated videos is primarily from TH000's stream. I think that getting insight in the thought process of the arguably best current player in the world to be very valuable and interesting.

TH000's initial patch 1.30 thoughts (remember; turn on subtitles)


Can you start off by telling us a bit about yourselves?

I am Aragorn, and he is Alan, We are only two people in this team, and we are doing a master's program. One of us is focusing on the website maintenance and the other is just translating. We are from Malaysia, but we are of Chinese descent, so we learned three languages (Malay, Chinese, English) since we started studying at university.

Aragorn: I started playing War3 when I was 7 years old. My cousin loved to play this game, so this got me involved into the game, and I then played the whole campaign and learned about the whole story. When I was a university student, I saw some videos from B2Warcraft on Youtube, I was really surprised: “This game is still having tournaments!” It made me so excited, I really love this game, and I still keep playing this game with Insane Computers, how bored I am! I hope there will be a War4 so I can continue to play the story.

Alan: I played War3 since I was 9 years old, I saw my senior playing War3 and got interested in it. I played with my little brother for many years, we went through the whole campaign and were obsessed with the story. There were many mini-game maps that were so fun we spent almost our whole childhood playing War3. My biggest wish is to see a War3 remake in the current gen’s graphics or even better, Warcraft 4.

What’s the meaning of your name, GornLan Harbor?

For GornLan, we believe you already know after you saw our names. Yes, it’s just a remix of our names (Aragorn and Alan). For Harbor: a Harbor is a place that is really important for transportation and communication, so we hope we are the Harbor between Chinese and Western War3 players and gamers.

What led you to create the website and translate Chinese news into English?

Well, we watch streams from both sites, like Back2Warcraft, or some Chinese players stream, I always heard some different opinion when they are casting the game, and there is no way to have a communication between them, so why not? Just do it!

LawLiet v. Infi - TH000 casting

Do you have any vision or dream that you wish to accomplish with the site?

Sure, we hope we have more people come and join us, and that we can create a website in China, and bring the Western articles to them, like the article from you,, or players, and make the communication become two-way, not only Chinese to English. And we hope we can run some ADS or donation in the future, it’s too hard to study, having part-time jobs, and translate at the same time, so if we can get some income from this, we can invest more time, and yes, we are doing this without any income.

In South Korea, StarCraft seems to be the preferred RTS game, while China seems to prefer War3. Do you have any suggestion as to why the preference is different?

Well, as personal opinion, we think Sky is the important reason, he had a lot of great results in the tournaments, so he made Chinese start to watch this game, and make this game popular, and so, more players joined it

GLH also shares pictures from  various Asian events

Would you say that the general reaction to Blizzard starting to work on the game’s balance is well received by the Chinese? 

Sure, we think this is good news for every War3 player, gamer and audience! This might result into the game becoming more popular again (let’s be honest, this game is going unpopular day by day). I heard the players said they are happy about it when I watched their streams.

It’s no secret that the West has a weaker competitive scene. Foggy has, however, managed to get some good results in Chinese tournaments. What would you say the Asian reaction to Western players are?

Well, there are fewer major western competitions nowadays, and we think the timezone is too inconvenient for Chinese players to join the tournaments, playing at midnight is too tiring. Some of them have to work and study. We don’t think the slots are ‘wasted’, when more foreign players come and join Chinese tournaments, this means War3 is still alive, and if I was the player, this is the chance for me to prove myself. No matter whether they are Chinese or Western players. Chinese players may show their strength, and Western show they are not that weak as you think.

Do you have anything you wish I’d asked, or just something you’d like to add?

Thank you again, enjoy our works!



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