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Interview With Walter

18.10.18 | UgriWC3 1861


Walter qualified for WGL last weekend and it is safe to say that he will be the most unknown player for most of the Warcraft 3 fans in Shanghai.

Unknown in Asia and barely active in European tournaments, he is a local leader of the Latin American scene.

After his qualification, we had an interview. Answers were provided in Spanish then translated to English.

From Peru, WC3 fans in Asia do know Hunter well due to his misadventures during WCA 2016 (visa and flights delays, alleged aggression) and WGL Summer 2018 (regame granted to Infi while Hunter was dominating). Hunter qualified as well this season and we hope that his third travel will be less problematic.

Walter will be the second Peruvian representative in Shanghai. MartialSpirit took care of translating this interview, he knows Walter well for a long time as an administrator of the local tournaments . He had this to say about his task :

Walter's way of speaking, this is such a mess...If I had to publish his interview in Spanish, I'd have to translate Walter's own dialect to something that the common citizen would understand.

Walter, the Peruvian  king of memes, answered our questions.


Hello Walter and congratulations. Could you give us a little introduction? 

 I am Peruvian and 26 years old . I currently live in Chile and work in a company that provides construction services for the mining business.

I began to play Warcraft with my cousin. At the beginning, I did not like it but I am very competitive and wanted to beat all my friends. That's how I started in the beautiful scene of Warcraft.

I always liked playing with orcs, I then changed to elves because I did not know how to stop mass hunts strategies, so I decided to join the elven forces myself, and I ended up liking them, surprisingly. Now I'm a night elf, my favorite matchup was vs elf, though with this new patch… it is not anymore.

How did you celebrate your qualification?

 I was so happy I had to shout it and post it in the community and see the avalanche of criticisms and congratulations. Everything changed for me since I am going to WGL, a major tournament.

Did you have a specific way to practice for WGL?

I wanted to practice in Netease, but the lag did not allow me, my only option was Northend - bnet.

I decided to go for rank 1 and now I'm ranked 12th. I also watched many replays from Netease.

I practiced with Hunter 1 week before the tournament, I have beaten him many times.

I got tired in the end since I came from the loser bracket... hahaha joke :)

Indeed it started roughly being thrown to the loser brackets right away. How anxious were you from there?

Ironically, when I play the loser bracket I feel more relaxed and more focused. It's not my first time playing the loser bracket, I’m usually sent there by Longwalk, so that felt normal and not strange at all!

I hope I do not get more games against night elves at the beginning of WGL :).

You really dominated DanGer in the qualification match. What should an orc do early game against this keeper/hunts strategy?

As I said, I practiced and watched many replays, mostly from Neytpoh (the revolutionary kotg player) and Zhou_xixi.

I don't play orc, but I've lost a lot of games against Far Seer with trolls, kodos , and AoE spells. I think that's the best way to stop an elf massing huntresses.

You also have to do a lot of scouting to avoid the elf always taking expansions while they attack you. Fly has great replays available, for example, which show you how to stop the Keeper of the Grove.

You used to have a strong, if not tense rivalry with Hunter. Why was that? Is it still the case nowadays?

Yes, but it happened years ago.

We have not talked much, but this week we practiced together, and we had more conversation this last week than during in all the time that I knew him before that hahaha. He is a good guy.

Harsh question : would you have qualified with LongWalk in the line up?

 No I do not believe so.  Longwalk is a really solid player who is always in control ("zero nerves").

Besides I have seen many replays of him and he is very good at harassing his opponent. It is obvious that with this new patch he was going to be much stronger than anyone in the Americas. I think even stronger than Hunter.

I still participated and tried anyway… sometimes the bracket plays in your favor :).

You said that NE mirror was now your weakness : tell us about it and what are your plans to fix it.

Yes, but ironically the mirror was usually my favorite matchup. I really hate to play glaive throwers though. I will ask Hunter to practice, and I'll play in Northend heading for rank 1!

What do you hope to accomplish during WGL? What would be a satisfactory result?

Winning is the goal! I have to win a BO3 to someone. I have to leave my mark onto this tournament : D

We mentioned in the introduction that you were a community leader. Can you tell us about your Facebook Group?

 The group "Warcraft Comunidad Latina" was created by my friend Jorge Herrera and several others. It is a group where we talk about everything related to Warcraft from memes to articles, and tournaments among other things. It is the only place where all Latinos are gathered since almost all of them play in different servers. (note : 3393 members at the time of this article's publication.)

One recent meme : "mmmh tempting.... but i'd rather mass solo games on Northrend xD xD"

Peru taking the top 3 places, how are the fans reacting in your group?

Obviously the Peruvians are happy.

Mackay, Danger, Hunter, and Fenix ​​have a lot of people who support them in the community, that is clear.

There are also many people who congratulate me and many who criticize my qualification saying things like "Matt Morris 3-1 Danger" or “Kotg 3-1 Danger”. I'm playing the same way as Hunter did when he qualified together with Longwalk (for WCA 2016).

I'm staying calm as I'm used to these comments! And I've answered many of them hahaha, I like the show.

Something you want to say or you wished I asked?

At last I'm going to meet my platonic love Moon hahaha, I just want to say that I am excited and eager to go to China to participate!

Thanks for the interview and for the support you give to the Community, Ugri. Without you this would not be possible: D.

Much love from the Latino Community and Clan Infs, The Best By Far, for you!

Oh that was nice! Good luck in Shanghai Walter, we hope to see you win some maps and make good memories.



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