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Ugri's 3v3 Challenge : Showdown Between Europe and Korea

08.10.18 | UgriWC3 899


Ugri's Challenge Series continued this week-end with the 3v3 edition. If the tournament gathered 13 teams, two of them appeared as large favorites : Top Notch 3.0 consisting of Foggy, Happy and Cash and JoYuRi with Lucifer, FoCuS and LawLiet.

As Korea won the 4v4 edition against the very same Top Notch team, Europe wanted to claim the title back, as well as the juicy 1500$ prize for the first place.

More money for fewer teams

With a bigger prize-pool and fewer players per team, I expected to see even more teams than for the 4v4 edition to register.

I was quite surprised at first that it was not the case. I think that, while the 4v4 community is active and thriving, 3v3 is played less, and one step closer to a game mode that already appears more competitive, as most of the professional players are used to playing 2v2.

We still received 13 registrations and we were not unhappy with it.

Notable Teams

  • Top Notch 3.0 : Cash Happy Foggy. They practiced the week before the tournament and were looking like the favorites.

  • JoYuRiLucifer LawLiet FoCuS. Lucifer and FoCuS were part of the winning team that claimed the 4v4 title and eliminated Top Notch in Semi Final. Anecdote: Jo Yuri is a K-Pop singer... I guess that LawLiet must have chosen the name!

  • No Rival Sok Chaemiko. The Korean A1 Challengers abandoned by LawLiet. They registered last minute and Sok forgot about installing So let's say that was not the best preparation but they did well anyhow.

  • AniZamWeed : Zampa MOES Anima. The first two were part of the French team that surprisingly took the second place in the 4v4 edition. Joined by Anima, they would have their card to play.

  • BurgersSniq Jon Heke. Yes that's right, Finland still plays WC3. Sniq and his friends are team games specialists and were hungry when they chose their team name or something.

  • Cats under attaxSonik Neytpoh Sheik. Solid CIS team with Sonik the new star of the medias after his WGL Europe victory. The team name is your own guess.

I am not naming all team in details, but you can find them here. A word about BRILLIANCEAURAOP though that made me laugh after my latest article, with a full Human roster.

Top Notch with another clean sheet

History repeats on the first day played with the Swiss system. Top Notch goes [5-0] again and qualifies like during the 4v4 edition while the two Korean teams follow with a [4-1] score. JoYuRi and No Rival lost to the Europeans.

We had a good laugh when Chaemiko tested a triple orb of fire strategy with his Pit Lord in this decisive game.

Don't try this at home kids!



After 5 rounds two teams were tied and we received many questions about when the decisive game would be played. There would not be any!

In the Swiss system, which was invented to be applied to chess in the first place, ties are broken by calculating the number of victories the opponents of each player had. Burgers had a tiebreaker score of +13 while AniZamWeed had +10.

Having a better start with this system gets you better opponents and a better tiebreaker score. Also AniZamWeed had a bye round while Burgers did not because we had an uneven number of teams. Is that fair? I do not know, but that is the system.

I invite you to read more about the very famous Bruno Buchholz from Magdeburg who invented this system; weirdly enough, very little is known about him. Life has been unfair for Bruno as much as it was for Team AniZamWeed.

The turning point for Burgers was probably their key victory over / Cat under attax. The best four teams came back the following day.


Grand Finals going full length

No surprise in the semifinals. /Top Notch stays undefeated while JoYuRi takes down No Rival, still conceding one map.

We finally had our big showdown to conclude the tournament. A very indecisive final that went full length with a Korean victory once again.

The games were truly epic, just take a look at this Tauren Chieftain level 8 :


Top Notch tried to hold on as much as possible in the last game, throwing everything they had in a last stand at Happy's base. Korea could clap and celebrate, the 1st prize of 1500$ was theirs.

Korean victory from Lucifer's point of view


Sniq about team games

The team captain of Burgers is primarily a two vs. two player. As such, he shared a few words about the competition and Team tournaments :

Team tournaments and especially 3v3 and 4v4 offer something the other modes don't. Bigger maps that often have rare item drops which are never seen in the usual solo tournaments.


Strategies vary and games can be much more unpredictable as well. The auras offer more power the more players there are in the match.


One important point to consider is that usually team games in general are more popular nowadays. On average, 80% of the new popular eSports games are team games.


About the Ugri 3v3 Challenge, I think it's good in a tournament to have two lives so the whole tournament doesn't rely one one bad performance. -Sniq


  • Acknowledgements : our gratitude to the sponsors gold180kotg and knubbequakes that gave 2400$ for this event as well as support the wider scene.

  • Next Ugri Challenge : there should be another edition early 2019 although we cannot give any details at this time!

  • Grid is available here, replays are available here.

See you next time.



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