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Sonik Interview: "If You Play Like a Noob No Patch Is Gonna Help You"

06.10.18 | Izzard, RehcraM 22331


It wasn't smooth-sailing when Sonik played in the first European qualification for WGL Winter 2018 this last weekend. Nevertheless he managed to pull through, not only qualifying for the main event in Shanghai, but also beating Foggy 3-0 in the Grand Finale with quite an upset, thus becoming the top seeded European representative. 

Izzard from interviewed Sonik after his victory and generously shared a translated version with us!

Tournament grid


You were able to not only qualify for WGL main event, but also managed to win the grand finals of the 1st European qualifier. Did you expect to do so well?

I got the spot to Shanghai with 1st place, and it was in the 1st qualifier too! Fuck, it’s incredible!

Which match was the hardest? And how did you feel while playing against Cash in the loser’s bracket? Were you nervous or stayed absolutely cold-blooded?

The one against Neytpoh was the hardest one. All my previous games against him (both in and in tournaments) were not particularly successful. But that very victory made me realize that you have to move on whatever it takes and give it your all.


Match between Cash and Sonik

If to speak about the games against Cash. I got totally destroyed in the first game. The second game headed in the same direction. Cash perfectly deflected 3 all-ins, killed my heroes, forced me to cancel my expo and started getting one of his own. Most of my viewers realized it was going to be 0:2 and left for their kitchen to have dinner. But in the final battle my Wisps had a huge impact. I could not destroy Cash's expo, but I got really lucky and trapped his 2nd hero, who got invul potion from Blademaster, but was not fast enough to use it. So the Blademaster himself was left without invul potion, and that allowed me to entangle and kill him, thus making score 1:1. The chat exploded and started cheering for me in all possible ways. I was extremely pleased and I would feel ashamed if I hadn’t got at least 2nd place. Thank you for cheering till the end, folks! Even if you were doing that from your kitchen.

I was extremely nervous during those games. As nervous as a man who desperately needs to take shit while there’s a million of people watching him and the closest toilet is somewhere 2 kilometers away.

Since you’ve mentioned Neytpoh, let me ask you a question about him. Lots of people say that his success is a direct consequence of elves getting buffed in 1.30. Do you think that elves in the current patch are really so overpowered, especially KotG?

Everybody thinks that they're big strategist of the game without actually playing themselves. Dispel is still there in the game. But hey – surely it’s better to whine about how KotG is overbuffed instead of improving your own game. Neytpoh played more than 500 tense games – and this is food for some thought.

How do you personally like the current patch? It feels you’ve got the second breath – I think your play has become somewhat more inspired. And what changes would you make to the game if you were on WC3 balance team?

If you play like a noob – no patch is gonna help you. We’ve seen lots of patches; there were more patches than there are cockroaches in my kitchen. Like, I think that instead of doing God knows what to balance, it’s better to solve such problems as drophack, maphack, diskhack; to do something with the ping, so everyone would be able to host games. Also something should be done in order to provide playable ping for players from China and Korea. And we need to bring back the famous BlizzCon, which was like Las Vegas to us – the place where you could make yourself rich. Getting to BlizzCon for a player was like going to Disneyland for a child.

Concerning balance: I’m not a Blizzard employee to bother about it, I like the product itself! And concerning the second breath – no, it’s not the second breath, it’s the second life. I started taking the game more seriously; I distanced myself from real life and started working on my “evening show” – my stream with my viewers.

Sonik Lifting Kas After Their ENC 2010 Victory

Let’s get back to WGL. How did you prepare for the qualifier? How many hours a day did you practice, what was the ladder-to-custom ratio, and were there any specific players you prepared to fight against?

I did not prepare for this qualifier in particular, because it will soon be my 10th attempt to qualify for Rus_Brain Cup after having been runner-up several times. The only person I’m striving to beat is Happy, and I plan to start taking maps from him by the mid-November. But I don’t think that losing to me in on his to do list, so our fights gonna be fierce. Besides that my daily practice routine is my evening stream!

Who do you think will be the other 2 players to qualify from Europe?

Blade and Cash. Quite probably Sheik is gonna kick some ass, too. I also won't write off Neytpoh and passionate ToD!

Thanks for the interview! Your final words.

Everyone has their own king or emperor in their mid. But the victory will be ours, because fight till the e-e-e-e-e-e-end!

Sonik talks about his victory and shows his POV [Russian]



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