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FoCuS - "I was not focused recently"

13.06.17 | UgriWC3 661


Ah Ugri made a bad pun!

Well think again! I went to ask for some more details on what he meant while being interviewed by Tolkien, and those were his exact words.

A small interview of a player so likable that for once, I am translating an article the other way!

Tolkien is an admin of Ifeng Cups and Taidu Cup. He is also a writer on RN (

Questions are not mine, only narration in italic is my own.

Interview: Tolkien

Translation: Huahua

Link: Interview on RN

Tolkien: Hello FoCuS , I'm glad you accepted our interview

FoCuS: Hello everyone, I am a Korean Orc player named FoCuS. I was very happy to participate in the Second Taidu Championship Qualifier and to win it! Thank you for the interview.

Focus during Nostalgia Battlefield

Tolkien: We know that you are now a family man : what do you do for a living? Is Warcraft your only professional activity?

FoCuS: I do not have another job, I play WC3 full-time.

Tolkien: Let's talk about Taidu Cup, sponsored by Sky company "Taidu". What do you remember of him?

FoCuS: I remember having a beer with Sky. Sky is a very mannered player and he speaks also English very well.

Of course, he is one of the best players in history.

Tolkien: What is your opinion on Taidu Cup format?

FoCuS: I think that the organization is great in all aspects, especially the fact that matches are played BO3 and not BO1, reducing the chances for an upset. It allows players to compete at full strength.

Tolkien: During the 2nd Taidu Qualifier, you eliminated Colorful while you just had lost to him during the last Ifeng Cup?

FoCuS: Well my defeat during Ifeng Cup was a BO1 match. At this stage during Taidu, the maps were generous to me (items?). If you do not make mistakes in this situation, you can basically beat any opponent.

Tolkien: In final you have beaten Lucifer 3-1. You often lose to UD, espcially against 120?

FoCuS: I have more difficulties against UD because they have stepped up their game, the opposition is strong now.

Tolkien: You participate in nearly all competitions (Ifeng, Taidu, Gera...)

FoCuS: I participate in them all because otherwise I am too lazy to practice. I just use them as a practice for achieving better results in major competitions.

Tolkien: WCA 2016 China vs South Korea saw a Korean victory : how do you evaluate the current strenght of Korean Warcraft? What was the impact of this victory over the Korean Warcraft scene?

FoCuS: I think it helped giving an incentive to Korean players to train even harder and especially gave them confidence.

The strength ratio should be 55-45 in favor of China but in 2017, Moon and Lyn should show strong performances.

Tolkien: Who do you want to face in the final stage of Taidu Cup? What are your chances of winning?

FoCuS: There is not a player I want to face or to avoid. Recently I could not properly practice for personal reason and my shape declined.

My chances of winning are not very high, but I will be well prepared and I will make every effort to play well!

Tolkien: Well, thank FoCuS the interview, and finally what to say to your fans supported it.

FoCuS: Thank you for your continued support!


Yes I can hear ya, some will say the translation is not too perfect. I would say it is 95% accurate!

Focus was in Shanghai during GCS Fall (that happened in December of course!). He seemed very powerful one day, then lost the second one due to an impressive sleepiness and an unlucky book of the dead rush.

Romantic shooting Focus during GCS. He will eliminate him the following day

He was always tired but also very classy. He carried his team to the title during Nostalgia Battlefield (Harbin - February 2017).

This is a man with style, very discreet but that could make a great year 2017 if he plays at his best level and stays foc...concentrated! 


Liquipedia: Taidu Esport Masters Nostalgia_Battlefield



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