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A Warcraft 3 Twitter Guide for Non-Believers

27.04.17 | David 961


"Twitter? Nobody uses Twitter!"

I used to be a non-believer myself. But I accepted the Twitter-Lord in my heart four months ago and saw the light! Twitter is actually lots of fun and there are more WC3 people using it than you might expect. In order to increase the numbers of our WC3 community on Twitter, I wrote this brief guide about the benefits of Twitter and included a list of interesting WC3 people on the platform that you should definitely check out!

Benefits of Twitter

Firstly, allow me to present some of the benefits of using Twitter.

You will get extra information about people that are interesting to you that you wouldn't get on other news platforms.

Twitter can actually save you time. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on Twitter. The 140 character limit forces people to keep their posts brief. That way you get a lot of information without spending much time on to read it. By using Twitter, you can get lots of news in a short amount of time without visiting many websites. Also you will get to read some pieces of information that won’t be available on other media.

It's a great way to support people that you like. By retweeting someone's Tweet, you will increase their audience and might increase their rankings on search engines.

Since we are a small community, people are quite likely to interact with you if you ask them questions or post interesting content. It's a great feeling when people like your Tweets!

Twitter makes it easier for WC3 Communities who are spread across many social media platforms to interact with each other and exchange information.

How to use Twitter

I am far from being a Twitter expert but I think that I understand how most things work. Overall, the functions are quite similar to other social media. You can favorite (like) a post, reply to them or retweet (share) them. You can use #hashtags or Tweet @someone (by writing his Twitter name behind "@"). From my experience, tweeting @someone is quite effective in our small WC3 Community.

Obviously, you can also write your own posts. The 140 character limit could require some time to get used to but it will make you focus on the most important point that you want to make. You can also include links, videos, gifs or pictures which usually make more people interested in the content. Of course you don’t have to tweet anything. You can also be a quiet observer and just read about what’s going on. I didn't tweet a thing for my first month on the platform and just enjoyed getting some extra information.

I got the Twitter App for my phone. I usually take a look at it when I'm on the bus or waiting in line. Since you don't need to spend a lot of time reading Tweets, Twitter is perfect for that!

Your first Day on Twitter

The first thing you should do on Twitter is looking for people who are active in things that are interesting to you. I’ll give an example: I like WC3, Smash Melee and Rocket League. The first thing I did on Twitter was looking for some famous players and streamers for each game and following them. Then Twitter recommended me some more people and I followed whoever I knew and liked. Furthermore, I followed some friends who also have a Twitter account.

You can also follow your favorite sports team or people who are well-known from your area. Even if Twitter is not that popular in your country, you will probably notice that there are more people using it than you expected.

Warcraft 3 Twitter List

Twitter can be a lot of fun. But you need to follow the right people. If you’re not following anyone, it’s obviously very boring. This list of interesting WC3 personalities will give you a head start on Twitter. Of course you don't have to follow any of them - these are just recommendations.

You can click on their names to open their Twitter page if you want to see what they're posting or to follow them. If you don’t want to click on every link, you can click on this list which contains every Twitter account that I will present. So let's jump into it!

Back2Warcraft - MUST FOLLOW!

Really? Do I need to say anything? Back2Warcraft are the backbone of European WC3. They are well-known for their streaming but they also do TONS of work for the WC3 Community by posting news and connecting the global WC3 Communities. On their Twitter, they post a lot of interesting stuff. Even if you’re not a fan, you should give them a follow.

Neo & Remo are Back2Warcraft’s private Twitter accounts. If you’re a fan, you should definitely give them a follow, too.

Ugrilainen - MUST FOLLOW!

Ugrilainen is a long-time supporter of WC3. He is very well-known in the FFA community due to all the things that he organized for their scene. Nowadays, you could call him "our man in China" since this is where he currently resides. His exclusive information about the Chinese scene is interesting and absolutely worth your follow.

Hundredkg - MUST FOLLOW!

Hundredkg organizes many weekly WC3 tournaments and is very involved in the Russian scene. He is a great guy and knows all the important people. Without him, we would miss out on many great events which connect our Communities.

David (that's me) - MUST FOLLOW!

What? You thought was going to miss out on this opportunity of shameless self-promotion? Think again! All jokes aside, you are currently reading this on my website. It’s very likely that you will be interested in what I’m posting on Twitter.

Hiveworkshop - MUST FOLLOW!

Hiveworkshop is the biggest and most active WC3 Modding Community. Even if you’re not interested in the magic these people are performing with the map editor, they have direct contact to Blizzard which makes them a valuable source for information on upcoming patches.


If you are into WC3, chances are you are playing on W3Arena on a regular basis. Since they also have news on their website which they share on Twitter, you should definitely follow them. That way you won’t miss out when they publish a new article.


Grubby posts mostly about HOTS which is why he is not a must follow. But if he is invited to events like Banana IP Galaxy, he does tweet some interesting stuff. He usually tells his followers when his streaming schedule changes which is quite relevant for his WC3 streams on Saturdays and Sundays.


(ToD appreciates Twitter's "benefits" Kappa)

ToD tweets many things about Esport and his personal life. He also posts whenever he uploads a WC3 video or when he is going to stream.


Twitter account of, a website where you can submit, watch and rate WC3 highlights. Definitely worth checking out.


Marsimoo is a German streamer known for organizing and casting MooCup. Even though he usually streams in German, most of his posts are English. So you will be able to understand him even if you don’t speak German.


Ena streams WC3 on Twitch. He is the person behind EnaCup (#1 and #2) and quite active on Twitter.


Team manager for W3DK and editor for W3Arena. He posts and retweets many interesting news.


The FFAMasterLeague is an FFA league which has been running for many years and is still quite active. This is their Twitter account.


This is the account of on the biggest Korean WC3 websites, I’m not gonna lie - I don’t understand most things this guy is posting. But he often tweets showmatches and tournaments with a link to the stream. This includes many events with great players that go unnoticed in the Western scene.


WokeR organizes the ESL tournaments. By following him you will not miss out on any ESL events!


Foggy tweets his streams and some extra information that you will only get by following him. It seems that he is really looking forward to interact with the English speaking scene.


DPort makes high quality WC3 videos on Youtube and also streams every once in a while.


While analyzing the WC3 Twitch audience, I found that he is the person who is following the most WC3 channels on Twitch. I don’t know anyone who knows more streamers than this guy! Also he is a really nice guy who can always help with his knowledge.


Hawk has been quiet in the last weeks but maybe he will become more active in the future.


Parasect does statistics on player earnings.


ViKi manager & ESL admin


Jesterhead from W3A


Netease detective


Streams on Twitch and tweets frequently.


WC3 Replays and Casts

Some more streamers that just post their videos and when they’re streaming. You should follow them if you’re a fan:





Of course there are many more WC3 enthusiasts on Twitter. You will find many people that you know from your favorite stream, social media or Discord.

Now you are well-equipped to start out on Twitter. I really hope that you will give the platform a try and that our WC3 Community will give you a warm welcome!



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