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07.10.18 | RehcraM 1149


In the team, we've decided to make our Discord public starting from today (link at the end of the article). With this article I'd like to elaborate on this decision and explain why we have decided to do so.

You might be asking yourself, why do we feel the need of yet another Warcraft 3 Discord. We already have several awesome Discord servers such as Warcraft3United, Warcraft3 Gym and Back2Warcraft. I think this is a very fair question to ask. On the team we are well aware of the issue that this can cause: an unnecessary separation in the community. After having given it thought we have, however, arrived to the conclusion, that the upsides outweigh the downsides by quite a margin.  So let's look at said upsides!

Direct Interaction With Community

When putting in effort working on a website (be it development, writing articles, uploading replays, etc.) it can, unfortunately, often feel like one-way communication. Interaction with the users of the site is a big desire of ours. That's why you might have seen us eagerly encouraging you to write your thoughts about the article and topic.

But why is interaction so important? I think there are two main answers to this question:

  1. Optimizing our website. We strive to always make our website better. Like with any kind of product this requires knowledge of what the user wants. The easiest way to access this knowledge is to interact with the community. Up until now, we have not had an obvious/convenient way for you to provide criticism, suggestion and validating feedback.
  2. Motivation. I enjoy writing articles and working on this website, but the reason is not the writing and research in itself. I enjoy it because it lets me provide an entertaining/educational product, for the users to benefit from. Though I can see the reader-count of my articles, interaction with audience helps the awareness of you writing to actual people. I find this motivational boost hard to explain, but I'm guessing it is very similar for streamers such as Grubby, Neo/Remodemo and ToD. If they would not have a direct way of interaction with their community in real-time (i.e. Twitch chat), I think it would be much harder for them to keep spending hours upon hours of their time providing amazing content for us to enjoy.

The team has been working within this Discord group since the creation of the site. We figured that opening the group to the public would get us closer to our readers and allow for direct conversations and feedbacks, something we are somewhat lacking at the moment. I personally hope many of you will join and participate in this group!


No More Discord Spam

As I mentioned earlier, Discord is already quite well-embraced by our community, which is why we have several different severs. Many of you are probably already using more than one of said severs. When we publish an article we want to notify all our regular users, so we often post it in a lot of different Discord severs. This is both a slight annoyance to people who gets the same notification on several different severs, people who don't care for our content and even ourselves. In the Discord we can keep these posts to one single channel, so people who wants the notification know when we release something while we don't annoy others.

The Channels of our Discord

We intend to keep our server quite simple, so as a baseline we only have three different channels:

  • #general where you can discuss articles and their topics, ask us questions, etc. A channel where pretty much anything goes.
  • In #news our articles will automatically be posted, so you get notified when we release something. We might also use the channel for smaller announcement which doesn't warrant a dedicated article.
  • #bugs-and-feature-requests is quite intuitive. If you have something you'd like to see on our site (specific articles, features, etc.) or if you find any bugs you can post here and let us know!


Hopefully this article have given you some insight in our decision to go public on Discord. We in the team strongly feel that it is the correct direction to go.

I hope you want to join us on our Discord and help us improve the website! 

Join the Discord Sever by clicking here!




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