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NeXT : China vs Korea

27.09.18 | UgriWC3 1409


Two years have passed since those two nations faced off for a clan war. Last time, WCA was the organizer and the competition had lasted for a month. The prizepool of $45,000 was massive and the defeated team of China was hit hard by fans at home. They scored no point during the last weekend with Lyn sweeping the entire Chinese roster. You can find a recap of this sensational performance here.  

After the harsh criticism of their commitment, China wanted to balance the scale in Guangzhou. Did they manage to do so? Spoilers ahead!

The teams :

  • China :  Colorful in Life out
  • Korea : and Moon in, Check and ReMinD out


Team China :

Two years ago, the team's composition sparked some controversy in China. Team captains chose their teammates back then and Life was selected over WFZ, or Yumiko. This is a complicated topic as usual in China, so I will not dig too much into it.

In the end, Life was a rising star and the team needed a good NE in its roster. He was also very good against orc and won a BO3 against FoCuS.

This time a qualifier was organized, giving peace of mind to everybody.  TH000 took the lead from Infi, both being automatically accepted in the team while 120 and Fly100% had to earn their spot through a qualifier. Colorful really performed there, beating Xixi and Fly100% 4-0 overall.

Life continued to disappoint, apparently focused on other matters than his WC3 career, losing to Fly100% then Xixi using a FL/Naga/DR combo.


Team Korea :

Everything is usually more quiet with team Korea. Moon and WCA could not agree on the legend's participation in 2016. This time Moon was there in Guangzhou to lead team Korea as their captain.

Lyn was obviously the second player to be automatically invited. and FoCuS qualified through the WB, and LawLiet through the LB.

Lucifer was the big casualty of this qualifier, being one win away from qualifying, twice.

Check and  ReMinD are currently inactive and did not participate.


Day 1- China scratching its head

  • Format : matches played BO3 (four solos and one 2v2). 

For a team captain, it is way harder to manage the Chinese team than the Korean.

For Korea, lining up Moon, Lyn, FoCuS and LawLiet is pretty obvious. Then LawLiet/ is a well rounded 2v2 team, so here you go.

For China, well, Colorful does not play 2v2 at all, or not that I know of. If you cannot line him up in the team game, he has to play a solo for the first day. Fly and 120 being the best team China has to offer, one of them has to sit out the solos.  120 was benched out eventually, I thought it was probably a mistake then as Korea is super experienced in the OvO and the NvO matchups, with a team only composed of elves and orcs.

After two solos, Korea had not lost a map and it looked dire for China already. 120 and Fly gave some hope back, winning the team game 2-1. Colorful eventually succumbed to LawLiet 1-2 with a decent effort.

Sadly, we did not get to see the much awaited TH000 vs Moon ace match as Korea won day one: 3-1.

KotG / Alchemist - the new meta in 1.30


Day 2 - honor saved

  • Format : King of the Hill (all players are playing solos BO1. The team with a player left wins).

This time we get to see  120 in action right away and it payed off with two victories over FoCuS and Moon. Korea used their best asset right after with  Lyn taking down consecutively the UD king and then  TH000!

Colorful MVP

The series was tied 2-2 and Lyn seemed on the path of another all kill of the Chinese roster! 

Colorful is actually a NvO specialist and finally put an end of Lyn's rampage in those clan wars. He then made a quick work of and LawLiet and brought pride to his country with a day 2 victory.

China went on to play the Ace match, but what a performance by Colorful!


Ace Match - Moon vs 120

Each team had to decide whom to select for this final BO3. Lyn was the obvious call for Korea, or was it? Team captain Moon took matters in his own hand and decided to face the Chinese challenger 120.

Moon did not do too well recently in LAN events, often showing signs of nervousness and making unusual mistakes - not this time though.

To make an awesome event even greater, we had to watch the legend Moon give the title to Korea after a hard battled final, 2-1.

Congratulations Team Korea!


Lessons learned from a successful event

If you are the tl;dr type of reader, here is what you can retain from the NetEase Esports X Tournament in Guangzhou :

  • NeXT was the third WC3 tournament with a live audience in a row in 3 months.
  • More than 300 fans bought tickets. The tournament was sold out.
  • Despite being defeated, the Chinese team brought pride to its fans with a close defeat and hard fought battles. The solidarity between team members was nice to see.
  • Strong showing by Moon.
  • The first major tournament played in 1.30 showed strong performances from the NE players and their KotG plays. The players hardly had any time to adapt to the new patch, especially the Chinese ones. It may turn out differently the next time!

"It's clanwars like this that create the best storylines, speaking of Colorful and Moon especially. The smiles of Team Korea in the end were so worth it to get up at 4am, it felt very special to me." - B2W.Neo


Many pictures and news can be found on GornLanHabor's blog. Good job covering this competition!





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