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3v3 Ugri's Challenge

24.09.18 | UgriWC3 2125


Earlier in February, we organized the first major 4v4 tournament ever set up for Warcraft 3 : Ugri's 4v4 Challenge.

Feedback was positive after the victory of team Akatsuki (ReMinD Reprisal FoCuS Lucifer) in the Grand Finals.

So we figured, let's do the same for 3v3 and see what happens!



Starting Saturday, October 6th at 17:00 CEST, all the teams will participate in a Swiss Style Competition. A format we already used during the last challenge.

After all the teams have played two maps against two different opposing teams, the teams with two losses get eliminated whereas the top 4 teams qualify for the second round. Tiebreakers will be determined automatically through the ESL bracket using The Buchholz System.

In case of an unbreakable tie, we may accept 5 or 6 teams to the second round, which actually happened last time.

In the second round the next day on October 7th at 17:00 CEST, the teams will play in a single-elimination bracket with bo3 matches. The final is BO5.


Map pool for day 1:

  • Round 1 ) Typhoon
  • Round 2 ) Thunder Lake LV
  • Round 3 ) Upper Kingdom
  • Round 4 ) Market Square
  • Round 5 ) Gnollwood

Map pool for day 2:

  • Typhoon
  • Thunder Lake LV
  • Ruins of Stratholme
  • Market Square
  • Gnollwood
  • Mur'gul Oasis LV
  • Upper Kingdom



Dates : October 6th and 7th - 15:00 CEST
Registration : here
Prizepool : 2550 USD - Top 4 teams payed.
Crowdfunded tournament : you can increase the prize pool by donating on Matcherino
Head admins : Ugrilainen, dur0
How to create a team? : guidelines
Casters : Contact us if you want to stream this event (3 mn delay required) : Ugrilainen#3478 or dur0#1991 on discord.
Rulebook : here decided to use the tournament map pool on its bot to prepare the teams for the tournament. Thank you Ping!

We also thank Gold180Kotg for another generous contribution to the Warcraft scene.


The tournament is powered by ESL.
The cover  is made by Shad.



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