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Master's Coliseum: The Final Clash

23.08.18 | RehcraM 1552


With the four qualified players found, who will play the main event together with the four invited players, we are now ready to see the exciting tournament between eight players of the highest caliber!

If you haven't been following the preceding stages of the tournaments, here's a short recap of the qualifiers for you to read and catch up with what we can expect (or hope) from each player.

"Dragon ball" styled player portraits

Korean Qualifier

LawLiet had an amazing show in the Korean qualifier, where he beat Lyn not only once, but twice - quit a feat! If he shows the same amount of aptitude he'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

Chinese Qualifier

120 has been well-known for showing a very inconsistent amount of his talent. Oftentimes he's either looked almost unbeatable or rather disappointing. With both TH000 and Infi being invited to the main tournament seemingly no one was able to oppose him the slighest. 120 made the qualifier look like a walk in the park, dropping only a single map. I truly hope we'll see a 120 showing the same level of grandeur as we've seen of him in the past!

Western Qualifier

If we face the facts we have to admit, that the general skill level in the Western scene (unfortunately) is quite a bit lower in the West, with the exception of the impressive results that Foggy has been bringing to WGL (formerly known as GCS). It therefor concerns me a bit Foggy dropped maps to both HawK and OrcWorker. However, one of Foggy's best attributes when it comes to competing is his amazing dedication for practicing. Time and time again we've seen it paying off big time, and I'm sure he'll make a good run in the tournament. We should consider ourselves lucky, having Foggy as representative for the West!

Foggy practicing in Shanghai for Master's Coliseum

Wildcard Qualifier

After his - to many of his fans - disappointing performance in the Korean qualifier, Lyn made a comeback, performing very well in the Wildcard qualifier. I'm happy that we see aren't missing out on Lyn at the main event - it wouldn't be the same without him.

Main Event

Bracket for the main event

The event will take place this weekend from Friday-Sunday, so make sure to tune in as Back2Warcraft broadcasts the entire show for us. I think it's safe to promise, that we are going to see some fantastic matches throughout the weekend, so make sure you don't miss out!

Foggy posing in front of his anime-styled portrait




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