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W-League: New High Caliber WC3 League

02.08.18 | RehcraM 3288


The following announcement is authored by Emoji

From August 2018, WC3Station (a studio in China that organises WC3 tournaments like Color Cup and Master's Coloseum Qualifier) starts a new league named W-League.

Due to the update of new patches more WC3 fans start to focus on this game again and W-League aims to offer audience much more exciting competitions and offer pro-gamers a stable environment to be in good form and earning prizes.

W-League is sponsored by three sponsors, two of them now are keeping secrets of their details and another one is Touhou.Works. Touhou.Works is a website setted up by Hongkong Jike Technology limited company that focuses on sharing fanfic works over the world.




The first season of W-League will invite 20 players who from 3 areas: China, Europe and Korea. 20 players will be divided into 2 different level tournament: Super League and Major League.

Every Season will be 6 months and every month has 5-6 tournament days, each tournament day will hold 4 BO3, it has 23 tournament days in the first season.

Super League and Major League will run together.

The schedule for August 2018:
10th of August to 12th of August
17th of August to 19th of August.


Super League:

10 players play BO3 Single Round-Robin games and the best 3 get extra prizes, the last 2 will kick to Major League.

Major League:

10 players play BO3 Single Round-Robin games and the best 3 get extra prizes, the last 2 will kick out from the League and will hold a new open qualifier and best 2 go to Major League.


Players need to earn points to decide their rank.

For a BO3, 2:0 gets 3, 2:1 gets 2, 1:2 gets 1 and 0:2 no points.


90000RMB (~11300€) in total prize pool for season 1!

In Super League each BO3 winner gets 400RMB (~50€). In Major League each BO3 winner gets 200RMB (~25€).

Extra prizes for Super League:

1st place: 25000RMB (~3150€)

2nd place: 15000RMB (~1900€)

3rd place: 5000RMB (~630€)

Extra prize for Major League:

1st place: 8000RMB (~1000€)

2nd place: 5000RMB (~630€)

3rd place: 3000RMB (~380€)

Invited players

Super League:

  • Infi 
  • Th000 
  • 120
  • Fly100%
  • Moon
  • Lyn
  • Foggy
  • Lawliet
  • Life*
  • WFZ

*Life is not yet confirmed, due to possible school obligations.

Major League:

  • Colorful
  • Tbc_bm
  • XiaoKK
  • Zhou_xixi
  • FoCuS
  • Chaemiko
  • Sok
  • Lucifer
  • Blade



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