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Interview with Wolves Esports

19.07.18 | MR_Moonstruck 1857


Wolves eSports made big headlines in the Warcraft world in December of last year when it was announced that clan uMad would become a part of Wolves eSports. Since then, the Wolves eSports Twitter (which can be found here) has faithfully Tweeted out the results not just of their clan in competitions such as NWC3L, but also the achievements of their players in individual cups and tournaments. Despite this great news feed about their players, I still felt I didn't know a lot about the organization themselves and why they decided to enter the Warcraft scene last year. With Wolves eSports recent win in NWC3L, I thought now would be the perfect time to get some answers by interviewing the Wolves eSports management to get a behind-the-scenes look into this great eSports organization.


Interview with Wolves eSports Management


1. Hello Patrick, can you please introduce yourself to the fans and explain your role in Wolves eSports?

A: Hey, my name is Patrick and I am the owner of Wolves eSports but Wolves is not a one man show. Andre and Fabio are completing the management of Wolves eSports and all important decisions are made by all three of us together.

2. Warcraft 3 first came out over 15 years ago with Reign of Chaos. As a relatively new esports team, how did you know about Warcraft in the first place, and how was the decision made to pick up a Warcraft team for Wolves?

A: While Wolves eSport itself is relatively new compared to Warcraft 3, Andre and I have been around esports for 13-14 years now which means we experienced WC3 in it’s prime. While I actively followed the scene since 2005, Andre did not. He was mainly busy playing Battlefield and watching CS. Shame on him for missing out!

3.It was in December last year when it was announced that clan uMad would now become Wolves eSports. Why did you choose this particular clan?

A: To be honest uMad was not the only team we contacted as it was one of two teams. If we are unsure about a certain game we usually get in touch with several players or teams to collect information as different people provide different insights about the community and the competitive scene which is pretty valuable when we make a final decision about picking up a title for Wolves eSports or not. But an important factor for me personally was that I really wanted to see some players playing for Wolves that I knew from the “past” in Warcraft 3, and players like Sonik or XelSing and later Cash perfectly matched that criteria. Also the communication with Quentin “DopeY” Ruetsch, our WC3 team manager, was really great so that was definitely a bonus for the team.

4.How has having a Warcraft team been different than the other teams you have (which include Smash Bros, FIFA, Vainglory, and Hearthstone)? Was there anything really unexpected that came with having a Warcraft team?

A: It’s not that different to be honest. The only difference is that the game itself is old compared to the other games we currently have. Sure, Smash and FIFA have been around for ages as well if you only look at the franchise, but they are completely different games now. WarCraft 3 in that sense is pretty old school and didn’t change.

The thing that surprised us the most was and still is the motivation and drive of the players and community to keep this game alive, but also that Blizzard is helping them with some fixes and patches, most other publishers wouldn’t touch a game that old anymore.

5.Things seem to have been going good for Wolves in that first half year of being involved in the Warcraft scene, because at the start of May and the new NWC3L season it was announced that clan LS would also join Wolves eSports. Can you please walk us through the decision to add another team to the roster? Was there a reason that a South American team was chosen, as opposed to another European group?

A: Well, since we have a team manager in place for WC3, we trust his expertise and knowledge of the scene so it was pretty much his decision which we fully supported.

Quentin “DopeY” Ruetsch: It all came down to being in touch and joking around with Psike a lot. LS had some problems with managing the team and organising their matches which forced them to stop playing duringthe WC3CL season.

6.When clan LS was added to the roster, Wolves started to field two teams in the NWC3L, Team Wolves 1 and Team Wolves 2. Neither of which consisted only of players of clan uMad or only of players from clan LS. Was it difficult, from a manager's perspective, to mix the teams together or were players more or less indifferent as long as 2's partners remained together?

A: That was not a problem as things happened naturally and everyone was on board with the decisions made. We would have had things to change anyway as XelSing went into inactivity and we needed new players to complete our lineup. The timing of LS joining Wolves was quite perfect in that sense.

7.Besides the roster changes, was there any other differences between having two teams in NWC3L as opposed to just one?

A: From the management’s point of view? No, not really. The possibility was talked about prior to making the decision so we had time to prepare and adjust. We’ve been through the procedure of adding new teams and players enough times by now so it was pretty much the same compared to having a new game at Wolves, except with less work load.

Quentin “DopeY” Ruetsch:
Since some seasons I always tried my best to manage 2 teams at the same time so there is no difference in having one or two teams to take care of for me anymore.

8. In your opinion, how does being part of Wolves eSports differ from being in a clan that has no associations outside of Warcraft? If you are comfortable sharing, does Wolves pay their players and do you take a share of the player’s prize money?

A: First of all, it was nice coming back to Warcraft as we’ve known it for ages. Andre and I come from the Battlefield franchise which is another franchise we hope returns to the competitive scene and has a comeback in esports one day. So I’d say we are somewhat nostalgic when it comes to certain games or franchises that some other organisations may disregard. I’d say the only difference is that the players, depending on their interests, follow other teams and games at Wolves as much as they can. We are happy when for example our Smash players follow the Hearthstone tournaments we attend and vice versa. Obviously we’re not going to talk about internal things when it comes to salaries and such, but what we can say is that every player keeps 100% of their winnings.

9. Any parting remarks or anything you would like to share that I did not ask about?

A: First off all we’d like to give a shout-out to our players and the Warcraft 3 community for keeping this game alive for so long, that’s a pretty impressive feat! Also a huge thanks to our partners Gamers Apparel, eXz-Hosting and eByte. And last but not least, thanks to for giving us the opportunity for this interview!



Bonus Interview with Mackay: Player for Wolves eSports and NWC3L Champion


In addition to directing questions to the managers to get insight into the Wolves eSports organization, Andre pointed out to me that now would be the perfect time to ask a few questions directed to a player of Wolves eSports about their recent win in NWC3L. Mackay answered the call and our bonus questions by providing some of his thoughts about being part of Wolves eSports, the current NWC3L champions.

1. First things first: how did it feel to win NWC3L this season?

A: It felt amazing, it was my first team league title so i’m extremely happy and appreciate it a lot.

2. From a player's perspective, what is the best benefit about being part of Wolves eSports? How does being part of an esports team that reaches outside the world of Warcraft 3 differ from being an independent clan?

A: The best benefit of being with a serious clan with high aspirations is that everyone is a lot more self-demanding when it comes to seeking improvement.

3. Has there been any challenges becoming a member of Wolves compared to your previous clan? Was it difficult when Wolves acquired clan LS and the two teams were mixed together in Team Wolves 1 and Team Wolves 2?

A: Of course, the challenge of the whole season was to be in the initial lineup for the clan wars. This is not easy since my teammates are of the highest level.
It was not difficult to mix with Wolves as we knew that it would be beneficial for all of us going forward.


Parting Remarks

I'd like to give a huge thank you to Andre, Patrick, DopeY, and Mackay for answering questions and helping to coordinate this interview. Wolves eSports have proven that they are a truly competitive Warcraft 3 team with their latest league win. Even greater than this is their constant desire to grow and be the best team they can possibly be. I wish them all the best of luck in their future matches, both as individual players and as an organization. Go Wolves go!




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