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Warcraft II: Still With a Thriving Community

09.07.18 | RehcraM 27233


Warcraft 3 has many predecessors that helped sculpting it into the game we love. Games such as Dune II: The Building of a DynastyCommand & Conquer IThe Settlers, and, of course, the games prior in the Warcraft series have all had a vital part in establishing the Real-Time Strategy genre.

I imagine most of us regard mentioned games as revolutionary, or even legendary, but also as mere history - that's at least what I thought. This is why I was very surprised to see that Warcraft II still has a surprisingly thriving community with several hundreds games of multiplayer games being played each day!

Gameplay of the Game

Well-known characteristics

Not only does Warcraft II, like Warcraft III, have an amazing, heroic soundtrack for each faction, it also shares many similarities when it comes to gameplay and - of course - lore. 

A little background music while you read the rest of the article!

Much like Warcraft III, the campaign of Warcraft II is separated into the different playable races. In Warcraft II, you can either play as The Horde or The Alliance. The two factions in Warcraft II have many units that we also know from Warcraft III

Each part of the campaign contains four acts, in which you'll have to complete 3-4 missions in each. Both the original publication (Tides of Darkness) and the expansion (Beyond the Dark Portal) have this composition. The game has a total of 16 acts and 57 missions!

The campaign is very enjoyable, so if you like the lore aspect of Warcraft, or just want to go back to the roots of the RTS genre, I definitely encourage you to give the game a go and play it throughoughly!

The Warcraft II community

In the Warcraft III community, we often pride ourselves in our loyalty to keep the game alive throughout the years, but this must fade away in comparison with the  extremely devout Warcraft II community. maintains the last Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness server in the world, where people meet to play against eachother in both classic melee maps or custom games. They play on a private (much comparable to the former Garena and W3Arena of Warcraft III) called War2Combat client. As the server runs separately from Blizzard, it's free to download it, but if you want to play the game I encourage you to buy the actual game from Blizzard to give credit where credit is due.


As the game is quite old, there'll be some compatibility issues and whatnot when installing it, but the community got your back! The former mentioned website contains extensive guides (with pictures) that navigates you through the most common issues when setting up the game, which can be found here.

Moreoever, they have a Discord channel with 418 users, so if you find yourself stuck, you can always ask them directly for technical support. Click here to join the Discord.

The day prior to writing this article, monday July 9th, 292 online games were played on the server. In the elapsed week, 2,632 games were played! 


Not only do they have guides for setting up the game, they also have guides for using their host botsstrategy guides, and several other tutorials that can be found in their tutorial section. The website even has a ladder page for the server!

I hope this article gave you a sense or nostalgia, or even an inclination to download and play the game. Listening to the great music and watching the gameplay images definitely took me back while writing this article!



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