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Master's Coliseum - Big Offline Tournament in China!

02.07.18 | RehcraM 2123


If you've heard whispers in the wind about a big upcoming offline tournament, you've heard correct. Sponsored by Haohan Zhang and organized by SCBoy the tournament holds the largest prize pool of any Warcraft 3 tournament in 2018, with a whopping sum of ~$29,000! Separate from the Warcraft 3 tournament, there'll also be a Starcraft 2 tournament at the event. The catalysator for hosting the event is the Chinese government not allowing the Chinese players to attend Asian Games 2018 in Jakarta (Indonesia). Haohan Zhang and SCBoy therefor took matters in own hands and arranged this awesome tournament instead!

The prize pool is distributed among the qualified players as seen below:

August 24-26, eight Warcraft 3 players will go head-to-head in the midst of Shanghai (the same place as NSL 4 took place). During the tournament, a crowd will be allowed to spectate the players compete on the big Dragon Ball Multiverse inspired scene.

Four of the eight participants have already been invited and confirmed to participate:

  • TH000
  • Infi
  • Fly100%
  • Moon

The remaining four will be found via four qualifiers; 1 Chinese, 1 Korean, 1 Western and 1 Wildcard qualifier where everyone can participate.

Participants for the qualifier will be found through a pre-qualification open qualifier, where the top 3 will advance to the actual qualifier. Three players have already been invited to the main qualifiers of their respective regions: Foggy, Lyn and 120.

The whole event will be covered extensively by Back2Warcraft (although they won't be on-set in Shanghai).

On the table below you can see an overview of when the different qualifiers will be played

Read about the tournament on here.

Read more about the technical specifics of the tournament on Liquipedia here



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