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GCS Western Qualifiers #2: One of each race!

06.06.17 | UgriWC3 729


And then they were six, for two places.

It came down rapidly to just four players. The hierarchy was not yet ready to be disturbed in Europe.

Hawk and Rudan were to fight for the first seat, the others would battle it out in the loser bracket for the second one!

The top of the bottom

(As opposed to the bottom of the top...)

After going that far in the Qualifiers, we could be curious about what Anima and especially  Blade could offer in the final 6.

Beating Sonik or Orcworker could really send a message and establish themselves as new forces to be reckon with on the European scene.

Alas they were both swept away 2-0 in an expeditious manner. It was particularly brutal for Blade who lost in 3:30 in game 2 due to a perilous expansion gone wrong on AZ. The gap is still there, just need to work a little more!

 This DH was on fire

Hawk is the 3rd man

It was to be the highlight of the day, but there was no real game. We expected Hawk to be the 3rd in line to go to China and he provided... 3-0 against Rudan.

Hawk qualifies without dropping a single map in this Qualifiers!

Hey Hawk, so you qualify with a clean sheet...

Well, Warcraft is not my top priority at the moment still I try to show the best possible games with a minimum amount of training. There are many reasons why I changed priorities, I am just more focused on real life at the moment.

This morning, Foggy helped me analyzing strategies against Rudan down to the smallest details.

That helped me winning, but I will not say that I played at my best level : I can always play better.

Humans went from ultra dominant to losing everything without a patch : why?

You can argue for hours who is imba, and who is not .. let's not! I really don't have any idea about what changed with the Human race... It's all about players and playstyles.

You establish yourself as the clear 3rd best player in Europe. You think you can close the gap with Foggy and Happy? Did you guys ever met?

I would not say that there is a huge gap between us. Even while playing much less I showed worthy games in the first Qualifier and was close to victory.

Happy, I've met him many times during tournaments. It will be our first meeting with Foggy.

Can a European win GCS this summer?

Everything is possible, every year a European has found his way to the final 3 of a Chinese tournament (WEC2014 HawK 3rd) (WCA2015 Yaws 2rd) (GCS 2016-17 Foggy 3rd)  It's time to take the first place! 

Anything you want to add or any greeting?

"Periodic fasting works for me." (note : reference to his known appetite for cakes, I suppose that he is on a diet now!)


We needed a 4th European to go to Shanghai and Orcworker did not blunder like the previous day. Unexpectedly enough, at least for me, he quickly disposed of Sonik 2-0 in games I do not really understand.

I've seen Sonik keeping his heroes at 2-1-1 level, running around the map. Not sure what was the purpose but I really suck at understanding solos anyway.

The Final step to Shanghai was to beat Rudan in a BO5. This was the real final of the whole tournament. The one to determine the 4th from the 5th. The one in which the loser was out, without any chance to come back.

After losing the first map, Orcworker solidly won the next 3, including a game on EI where his BM had a +37 damage input at level 3, systematically collecting claws! 

Orcworker does not believe in dryads against his +37 BM

Hey Maksim, well done yesterday! Can you give us a little presentation?

Hello, I am Max aka OrcWorker. I love playing wc3. I also like cycling, fishing and movies.

Apart from Wc3, I need to work to sustain myself, I am an engineer in a brick factory in Belarus. Now the work has stopped as the factory may close due to budget issues. So I need to win every Warcraft tournament, and become rich!

Tell us about your WCA experience

WCA has been a great experience. It was funny to meet wc3 legends, stay in a nice hotel, eat in the best restaurant, and having great practice conditions. The organization was great.

I wrote yesterday that your play was not as good this year, do you agree?

Yes, I also think that i am not playing too well this year. Maybe I need to take more time off Warcraft, so I can rest and show better results?

Strong performances in the LB against Sonik and Rudan...

It was terrible to go into the Loser Bracket, I knew that I had no choice but beat these guys in a row and it is not is easy.

The reasons why I've beaten them is that they did not play at their full level and I was ready for their strange playstyles. Also the god of luck gave me mass claws! I think even Focus envied me in those games.

Impossible to lose a game when one have a +37 Blademaster attack?

All is possible, especially in WC3. If he wants to feel every crazy BM critical strikes, he can continue to use dryads...

With talons the Blademaster is just flying, and talons are mocking him.

Strong line up for Europe in Shanghai, what are our chances of winning?

All depend on the grid, every player can have convenient or inconvenient opponents. It's possible to beat anybody though, especially if we work together and give each other advises.

 Anything you want to add or any greetings?

Nice to visit China again : more luck, more fun!


These GCS Western Qualifiers went very well and hopefully, Netease will be satisfied enough to let us organize another late year, for the same amount of slots!

If our line up performs this summer, this should be the case I hope. And this is the strongest line up we could have send I believe! With one player representing each race...

There is a chance that I can go and cover the event live for at least some days. It will depend on Netease's will of course and also my private life organization. I hope we can have more nice stories to count! Happy returning to offline events, Foggy trying to claim the title this time... 

As for the slots, I really think the best would be to give 3 to Europe and 1 to America in different Qualifiers. We had very few American participants dues to timezone and ping concerns issues... maybe also because you need to register on a Russian site to play?

As Much as the European scene needs GCS to support them, I feel like the same support is due to the American one.



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