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Interview With TH000: Human is Imba at Every New Patch!

18.06.18 | UgriWC3 14182


Except for his usual defeat in the first match of the group stage, TH000 just rolled over everyone during GCS Summer 2018 : FoCuS [2-0], Colorful [2-0], Lyn [3-0], Infi [3-1] and Fly100% [4-1].

He was interviewed by the Chinese social media "war3station" , after his victory.

Interview : war3station
Link :
Translation : Jason
Updates : Ugri


A relaxing and humorous interview with TH000

Interviewing the new GCS champion after the conclusion of the tournament is needed as a routine. Our team collected funny questions from fans for TH000 to answer.
Let's see how he dealt with those "landmines"!

TH000 signing autographs at the 1st GCS with a live audience

QWhich gift are you planning to offer XiaomuTH’s wife?

A: TH000: Some food......

Xiaomu: (•́へ•́╬)

TH000: Of course I plan to add some bricks to our house's projects!

Xiaomu: (*^▽^*)


Q: How do you manage to perform so well avoiding "toxic milk*" once again?

A: Those making toxic milk should get the initiative! Now listen
Either Infi, Fly, 120 or Lyn will be the GCS Winter Champion for sure!

*toxic milk = an expected result contradicted by facts later after being announced with assurance before the game.


Q:“TH000 will lose the game” is one of the top3 fantasies in Warcraft . Was it unreal for you to get crowned champion once more?

A: I was totally dumbstruck at the moment I won the title, doubting if I was from earth. Hail, you earthman, I'm from a planet called "No Gaming without Being at Disadvantage".

(note from the translator : the other two fantasies are“Fly’s Blademaster is never gonna die“ and WFZ will successfully surround his opponent’s hero ” )


QWe heard that you got back from Heilongjian (Xiamu’s province ) to Guangzhou earlier in order to prepare for GCS. Xiaomu was a little unhappy about it? Have you talked with her about it

A: Nonono she was not mad at all that I left early to practice for this tournament. However I was angry that I made her lose a million "fish balls" ! Ha-ha!(TH000 had bet a lot on 120 losing to FoCuS in their April's race OvO final).

(Note from the translator : "fish ball" is a virtual currency on Chinese streaming platform Douyu that you can use to predict the result of a game. It's just like virtual gambling with no actual money)


Q: What’s the reason you think Infi was defeated in semi final? Did he take his frustration onto Lawliet afterwards when he beat him 3-0 for the game of 3rd :)?

A:Our game was a clash between two beliefs : blizzards and alchemists. As the outcome showed, blizzard is Blizzards’ close friend after all.

Oh, whether Infi punished LawLiet afterwards for his disappointment, I don’t know at all. But I can represent Infi and apologize to Lawliet!

TH000 took selfies with his many fans

Q: We heard more comments about Humans being "imba" with this patch

A: The Human race is almighty ever since SkY rose to power. However, now UD is not the weakest race anymore thanks to NE!


Q: Do you have any plans to keep fit?

A:I’m not fat at all!Haha!


Q: For next cup, would you please wear a nurse suit?

A:You say what?! How can I do that? Even with starving I don't think that is possible. No!

Emmmmm………..Unless you bid a good price on it, Chief?

TH000 and Fly after the final

Q: When are you and Xiaomu planning to break upkeep? 

A: We are food blocked at the moment! Give me some time to build more farms!


Q:You didn’t encounter UD this time. Will you change your race in future confrontations

A: Would you believe in TH000 if I'd say that I will not have any changes in my play anymore?






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