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GCS Concludes with a New World Champion

10.06.18 | UgriWC3 1932


In an incredible turn of events yesterday, all four favorites in the polls took the boot in the Quarter Finals. Europe cried for Foggy, Undeads went back to claim their race is too weak and Moon’s large fanbase could not believe his elimination after taking the lead [2-0] in the series against LawLiet.

We were to go back to the studio one last time to witness the crowning of the new GCS Champion. Infi, TH000, LawLiet and Fly100% were the last men standing.

The trophy revealed

We finally could discover the new GCS trophy for this season. After a real nice Frostmourne, 120 earned a disappointing shield two season ago. TH000 received a Frostmourne handle for GCS Winter 2017. The new winner would get a very nice looking Frozen Throne. After all, this might be the better fitting trophy for Warcraft III!


Breaker wars : Infi vs. TH000

The first semi final was a family affair between the two friends and co-casters. During the qualifiers, they both played random, but thanksfully they just sticked to their main race this time.

The first breaker war was set on LR, both players going AM/Alch. TH000 took the lead due to a bad positioned tp from his opponent. TH000 then retrains to blizzard and wins the next battle after taking his opponents expansion out. TH000 was really smart, constantly sending water elementals to harass Infi’s peasants.

Infi picked AZ and took his expansion while TH000 decided to put on pressure. The battle that ensued was quite entertaining, TH000 finally getting two towers up while surrounding Infi’s Archmage. That was already [2-0]!

Down to his last life, Infi choses to play on TM. He has a solid advantage early game by creepjacking TH000, killing four footmen. His Archmage dies however, killed by Muddy the mud golem blocking his escape just having been purchased from the Mercenaries camp. Infi managed to build an expansion then, taken down by TH000 who gets cornered with a smaller army and no tp. He managed to use his Archmage’s ultimate to get out of troubles. His army was too small to resist Infi’s counterattack though : [1-2].

TH000 will finally qualify on AI, his AM/MK being superior to Infi’s AM/Alch. Alchemist might not be that imbalanced after all. This is back to back finals for TH000!


LawLiet vs. Fly100%

The series starts on TR in an horrendous way for the Korean. The blademaster is pimped to +30 and the crowd is cheering at each new crit.  LawLiet loses his AOW on a creepjack, heroes are dying here and there, and Fly takes the lead.

Fly  continud to play very solid on AZ dominating the whole game. Like against Moon in the previous round, LawLiet was down [0-2] and needed to win 3 games in a row.

LawLiet tried his comeback on TS. FoCuS came to greet him during the break and gave him some advices. The game was less onesided until LawLiet got creepjacked and lost a few talons. Fly took an expansion and then it was just a matter of time.

Fly got stronger after each round it seemed and was to face TH000 in the finals as an underdog. Seeing how TH000 won easily against Lyn, his chances seemed slim. But first, we had to go through the 3rd place match.


LawLiet vs. Infi

This was not LawLiet’s evening. He suffered another hard [0-3] loss against Infi. The Chinese used the Tinker twice, used tanks on TM, and just showed dominance and control during the whole series as easily as against Foggy.

Did the audience had an influence on the players during the playoffs? The Chinese players did not drop a single map to Foggy, Lyn, nor LawLiet since the 1/4 Finals!


The Grand Finals : TH000 vs. Fly100%

TH000 is here fighting to remain the World Champion while Fly100% reaches his first final since GCS Spring 2016 when he claimed the title.

We start on EI and like against Lyn, TH000 goes Bloodmage, syphons the Blademaster dry then surrounds and kills him. It is pretty much the exact same game as in the 1/4 finals. This strategy is quite hard to counter... maybe a Far Seer would be more efficient against a Bloodmage?

As there are no vetoes in this BO7, Fly picks AI and equalizes after killing the Alchemist and the Archmage next to the tavern.

One key SH kill gave back the advantage to TH000 on AZ. It then went [3-1] after a successful AM/Alchemist tower push on TR.

Fly now needed to win three maps in a row. That did not happen though on LR. Game was concluded with a series of claps that really looked a little imbalanced from where I was standing but anyway.

The new champion was actually TH000 getting his second title in a row. His victory was well deserved and uncontested. 


This is the end of an intensive coverage of GCS! I hope you guys enjoyed it. We will have more good news about GCS to share soon. In the meantime, just allow me to thank Neo and Remo for their contribution to the scene and the good times spent together these last two years.

Hunter, HawK, Foggy, LawLiet and FoCuS, come back stronger next season!



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