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Golden Championship Series: Playoffs Analysis

08.06.18 | UgriWC3 2072


Neo had his hour of glory yesterday, drawing the playoffs live on stage.

How heavy did he go on the last eight contestants?

120, Lyn, LawLiet, Foggy were the four 1st place finishers. Infi, Moon, TH000 and Fly100% took the second place of their group.

All had their fate in Neo’s hands!

Foggy vs. Infi

Prediction: Foggy 3-1 Infi

Statistics: Infi leads [9-3] 

Strawpoll: link

For the 1/4 finals, Foggy received the lesser of three evils. Moon, TH000 and Infi were his only potential opponents. He wanted to avoid Moon, who is unpredictable in NE mirror, and TH000 is the best HvN in the world.

Infi prepared for GCS playing only Orc. Foggy is capable of challenging Lyn in this matchup, so we can assume that Infi will play HU.

Foggy has never beaten Infi in an official tournament, but they did not play each other for a long time. Their last encounter was during Hols Cup in September. He is now the best NvH player in the scene. The Ukrainian should be able to qualify.


Lyn vs. TH000

Prediction : Lyn 3-2 TH000

Statistics : Lyn leads [26-20]

Strawpoll: link

This 1/4 final looks like a final! We expected TH000 to win his group but LawLiet got the best of him, reshuffling the grid entirely.

Lyn has a positive record against TH000 and arrived in Shanghai as the favorite, winning most of the Online tournaments in 2018. He has beaten the Human Chinese during May Qualifier [2-0]. Confidence is on his side.

LawLiet vs. Moon

Prediction : LawLiet 0-3 Moon

Statistics : LawLiet leads [17-13]

Strawpoll: link

Ok, I am exaggerating a little on the score only to annoy LawLiet, I know he has a great interest in my predictions.

He is not confident in his NE mirror, his worst matchup. Last season, he lost to Check [1-3] at the same stage, after also winning his group. History could repeat as Moon is in a great shape, winning 6 of the last 8 games they played against each other.

LawLiet wanted to avoid Moon at all cost. This was an unlucky draw for sure. Damn you Neo!


120 vs. Fly100%

Prediction: 120 3-2 Fly100%

Statistics: Fly leads [18-16]

Strawpoll: link

Fly just eliminated WFZ ,so he is still in decent shape against UD. His play was not too convincing, however or at least, not solid enough to defeat the best UD of all time.

120 has a weakness against Orcs, however, with a recent [0-3] loss against FoCuS in the April Qualifiers. That is when 120 changed his race to Orc and won the rematch [4-1]. There is still a small chance 120 could play Orc even if his fans would certainly not like that!

I picture a close series but Fly is just not enough in shape to move on to the next round.

Do you agree with these predictions? Please let me know in the comments. And LawLiet, please do not be angry, this is just for good luck!

1/4 Finals will start Saturday at 11:00 CEST, live on 🇬🇧Back2Warcraft and 🇫🇷ToD!




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