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GCS Group D: Foggy in the Group of Death

07.06.18 | UgriWC3 1939


There is a paradox with Foggy being one of the best player in the world and qualifying from a lesser skilled region. As such, with the current system, he always gets a low seed in the group draw and falls into the “Group of Death”.

He does not really care since he always says that he can beat anybody. He proved it during the last four GCS editions. Did he do so again facing Life, Fly, and WFZ?

Putting Foggy as a low seed had major casualties in the past. Last season, Moon was eliminated by TH000 in Foggy’s group and the season before, Remind and FoCuS were taken out by Foggy and Romantic.

This season, the statistics between the four players in Group D are extremely close. Foggy never played Fly in an official tournament, so we were curious to see if it might happen for the first time in this Group. He is down [3-6] to Life, who won his group the last two seasons, so it would not be an easy task.

As usual before an important competition, Foggy practiced very little and tried to rest as much as possible, in any position imaginable.

Is Life moving to Dota 2?

Foggy faces Life for his first match. Not only has he a negative record against him [3-6] but Life has finished in first place of his groups the last two seasons in heavily stacked groups : Lyn/120/Romantic last season, Fly/Moon/HawK in the previous one.

Life has not been practicing at all since April however, and is now invested in playing Dota 2. He had no statistics in the presentation chart. He was probably not in the best shape.

Foggy was, however, very well prepared and executed his plan perfectly on AI, playing PotM/Naga AP rush. Life tried to respond with a desperate Tinker second move, to no avail. Foggy took the lead [1-0] quite easily.

The same PotM strategy was in play on AZ but the game was won even before she popped out of the altar. It took just a wisp to drag the creeps towards Life’s AOW which destroyed it afterwards. Another Tinker second did not change anything. Life killed no unit from Foggy in two games and we can honestly question his dedication to this tournament.

He used the ID “Intouchables” which may or may not be a message addressed to somebody. Anyway it seemed that his life expectancy in this GCS will be a short one (pun intended).

Heroic WFZ

Games between WFZ and Fly100% are always super exciting to watch. I remember during Super GCS 2017, they played a very close final won by Fly [3-2] in the end.

They played their first match on LR. Since 1.29, WFZ uses dreadlord third against Orc. They both managed to set up an expansion, playing very passively. The turning point occured at Fly’s second expansion. An 80v80 fight broke out, WFZ possessed a kodo and killed the Blademaster, insuring a later gg from Fly.

WFZ then fought on EI an uphill battle one base against two with a 10 to 20 food disadvantage all game. He somewhat managed to hold on and expand himself. The defense of his expansion was epic! This game is a must watch for UD struggling against Orc. WFZ always splitted his heroes to avoid stomps. Just incredible.


Foggy in his worst matchup

Foggy is known to struggle against UD, however, WFZ is also known to struggle against NE!

The first game is played on AI, the best UD map in the pool. WFZ goes for a fast abominations strategy while Foggy opts for the standard DH/Naga one. Foggy barely wins the first fight using two ankhs of reincarnation before dropping bears in WFZ’s gold mine, destroying it in the process. 

On LR, both players focus on creeping and nothing really happens until Foggy’s attempt to build an expansion, got quickly destroyed by five ghouls. Those five ghouls will die though, killed by a staffed Naga.

WFZ tried to cover for the ghoul loss with a shredder that was destroyed right when it went out of the laboratory. The final battle was very well microed by Foggy, his bears taking good care of the fiends and getting the DK kill, when needed.

Foggy appeared very confident on B2W’s stream and said he wanted to avoid Moon the next round, so he  could meet his idol in the finals! 

Walk in the park for Fly

The series starts with a comical opening, Life’s DH sitting in Fly’s base with a cloak of shadows. That’s about the only event to mention, Fly takes the lead 1-0.

On AI, constantly creepjacked Life took battles without staffs, tps nor scrolls and was easily defeated without glory [2-0].

Is Life permanently moving towards Dota 2? This is fairly possible. Fly gets a rematch against WFZ.


WFZ and Fly for the last slot

The previous one was the best series of the day, so we gladly went for a second round.

On AI, WFZ lost the first 50 food battle in the middle of the map and Fly took a 10 food advantage from there. Fly leads [1-0] and WFZ faced elimination in the group stage, once again.

For the 4th time out of five in this first round, TR gave us a close position game. It started with a little dance at the shop, the DK really bothering the orc in his creeping, finally stealing the ogre mauler and killing a grunt. 

WFZ went for the Dreadlord third, Fly built his expansion and the clock was ticking for the Undead. He needed some hero kills and one TC, and a BM down later, he was up 30 food with an expansion of his own.

Fly chose EI once again for the deciding map. WFZ had shop control and instead of contesting Fly’s expansion, he just went for an expansion of his own. Fly finally qualified catching reinforcements and killing the Dreadlord that came to the rescue. Once more, WFZ falls short of expectation.


Special guest is drawing the group

I cannot believe that we managed to keep this a secret! Neo was chosen by Netease as the “special guest” for the group drawing ceremony. It was certainly an honor for him to receive such a recognition, a just reward for his hard work for Warcraft III.

Neo doing the draws in rehersal

As for the drawing, we will analyze it, in an article tomorrow. It went like this, and it’s going to be exciting!

Foggy vs. Infi

Lyn vs. TH000

LawLiet vs. Moon

120 vs. Fly100%



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