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GCS Group B: HawK at The Frontline

05.06.18 | UgriWC3 1539


Group B with Lyn - Moon - HawK - Tbc_bm looked quite similar to Group A with two arch-favorites and two underdogs.

There is one big difference though. Unlike the rookies Hunter and Chaemiko, HawK has a lot of experience in international tournaments.

Why did you write I was a tourist, and not him!?

HawK points at Chaemiko laughing. In my CGS Hype article, I indeed ranked Chaemiko higher than HawK ... I hesitated! I told him they probably both belonged to the tourist category haha.

Anyway, he still offered me a chocolate bar from Russia. I bet we are fine.

Moon and HawK have been the two players practicing the most this week, playing as many games as possible until the last minute. HawK refused to do an interview in order to focus on solely playing. He is taking this event seriously and might not be a tourist after all?


Yumiko returns

This was another nice surprise: Yumiko returning to GCS for the first time since December 2016 when he played the last 2v2 tournament with WFZ. 

This time Yumiko was added to the team of casters and would commentate Group B with Qiaolin.


Another expected first round

Still no upset, nor a disputed series to comment on. HawK was no match for Lyn and lost [0-2] without making the Korean favorite doubt his shape.

Moon qualified as well [2-0] with games we rarely see at this level. A necrowagon attack that failed in the first one and a KotG Ancient Protector rush in the second. Glaive throwers and necromancers, this was at least entertaining! The last game even ended on a shredder purchase that went wrong, surrounded within the creeps and dying trying to get away... while an entangled lich died as well. Next!


GCS Summer truly begins

The expected final of Group B finally gave us our first real thrill of the tournament. The best two players in the history of the game were opposed.

Lyn entered as a favorite but was defeated on AI. The opening game concluded with a splendid 80 food army fight BM/SH (serpent wards) against DH/BeM/KotG.

Lyn did not panic and turned the situation around. I always say that mass dryads never work against Orcs. Foggy stated the contrary, so we will see if he maybe tries this, Thursday, against Fly!


For Europe

This match had a lot at stake for Europe. For three seasons, now up to this point for the exception of Foggy, no European won a BO3 at GCS. Tbc_bm is statistically the weakest player of the Chinese lineup, this season, so we really needed HawK to win this.

After a horrendous first game, where the Russian had lost his MK early for no apparent reason, he only had one tower to defend the destroyer push in his main. Finally, he lost his base, not able to reach tbc_bm’s army dropped on the other side of his castle.

HawK equalized on Terenas Stand with difficulties, playing on three bases against one. Still he clinched the win and had to prepare for Turtle Rock.

Worst situation occured with a game played on close position, and ultimately HawK playing too much with fire not having a tp cost him the match [1-2]. Once again, we will have to rely solely on Foggy.


Moon for the rematch

Impossible to predict the strategies those two players might use of course, and the series started with a BeM first with Huntresses on TM against Tbc’s fast tech to destroyers. In one of the best moves of the day, Moon managed to chase and surround a lvl 1 DK with 5 huntresses! He then expanded everywhere as he usually does on this map and wore down his opponent little by little.

The slow paced last game was just about guessing when the Beastmaster would be able to use his ultimate.

Another predictable day that went as expected even if we could have hoped for a better performance from HawK. Tomorrow, group C will be more disputed with three candidates for two places : TH000, FoCuS, LawLiet. It will be hard for Colorful, in such a stacked group!






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