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GCS Group A: Hunter’s Games

04.06.18 | UgriWC3 1757


Hunter and I share the same room for the week. As Peru will face France during the World Cup we talked a lot about football. This morning, I informed him that Peru defeated Saudi Arabia [3-0].

Ugri, did you know Peru is undefeated for 14 games in a row? Even Messi could not beat our team in Buenos Aires!

Well, I thought, it was a good omen as Hunter is about to represent Peru for the first time in GCS, against the ‘WC3 Messi’ : Infi!

A streak of bad luck

Bad memories from WCA 2016 started to resurface this morning. It is already not convenient to travel from so far away and then Hunter has to play the opening match of the competition. He was the only player that could not really practice this morning due to a certain technical problem on his SSD drive.

After one single ladder game, the network turned offline and it was not possible to practice on Netease anymore.

At the end of the day, he will just have played a few practice games.


Infi vs. Hunter : the “wood bug” incident

Player Introduction on stage

Infi took an early lead on TS in a game that was not such an easy ride for the Chinese. Hunter managed to cancel his expansion and put on a lot of pressure, not enough to defeat Infi however.

During the second game on TM, Hunter defended an early Tinker rush perfectly and was about to press Infi’s expansion with a heavy Huntress army when Infi paused the game. He suffered from a known bug that leads the Human to suddenly lose all his wood, while power building.

Infi pauses as he realizes the bug

For twenty minutes, the situation was quite confusing. The admins decided to continue the game, then paused it asking Hunter to let Infi finish his expansion before attacking. Finally after the game was paused a third time, the admins decided to rehost it.

Of course the rehost destabilized Hunter, who had the lead in that game. It is hard to surprise Infi twice and Hunter was dominated in the rematch. Final score was Infi 2-0 Hunter. Will Hunter’s lack of luck finally end in his next match?


Infi and 120 battling it off as expected

After a very disputed game on TS, 120 went on to defeat Chaemiko [2-0], the other GCS rookie this season.

Infi picked Orc in the final as he did during most of the qualifiers. He was quickly defeated [2-0] in a match that everyone supposed was just to decide the seedings for the next round.

After being eliminated in the group stage last season, 120 is coming back on top with a  clean sheet.


The match for 3rd place

Hunter and Chaemiko joked that they wanted at least to be third of the group, still an achievement for the two rookies.

Hunter and Chaemiko posing for a picture

Exhausted Hunter started to feel the jetlag and the 13 hour difference with Peru. He took a nap before playing and was rushed to the stage.

The series could not start any worse for the Peruvian as Chaemiko tower rushed him on TR for a fast victory. The Korean played a very solid second game and eliminated Hunter [2-0].


Chaemiko surrenders

Chaemiko is notoriously struggling in HU mirror. This was confirmed once more as he indeed took the 3rd place of his group losing [0-2] to Infi. Nothing to be ashamed off, however, this season was a great one for the Korean with a first qualification.


Despite his early exit, Hunter represented America and Peru well as he gave Infi a hard time during two games. He competed in his first live tournament on the best stage we saw in years. Despite the disappointment of not winning a map in the end, it’s a very positive experience.







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