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GCS Enters a New Era

03.06.18 | UgriWC3 1450


Being the first live tournament played in 1.29 is not the only novelty that we will enjoy this GCS.

There is a real upgrade on the set up that will allow for a live audience to cheer for their favorite players during the playoffs.

Neo TV, the company that organized NSL last year, is the new production company this season. 

Last time I witnessed Warcraft III being played in front of a live audience it was during WCA 2016 in Yinchuan. We were in this huge gymnasium with probably 200 seats in it, and while the final was being disputed between Lyn and LawLiet, LongWalk and I were the only spectators, perfectly sitted in the middle of the front row. 

To be honest, there were not that many spectators for any of  the others 6 or 7 games being played during WCA. This situation was sad but not only unique to Warcraft 3.

Would I see another tournament with a live audience? I did not think so until last week.

Lighting Test On GCS Scene

50 privileged seats 

When was the last time we could enjoy a a competition solely centered on Warcraft III with a live audience? I have genuinely no idea!

Can you give me the address of the studio Ugri? I'd like to come visit.

How many times were we asked this very question for the last two years? We always had to apologize as the venues were not allowing fans to visit and we had to keep the location a secret.

Not this time though, so if you want to see your favorite players this weekend, just join us at the studio:

上海市宝山区蕰川路6号 C区15号 

This season feels like an important test. The venue only allows for 50 seats and only for the playoffs. Organizers are confident they will easily fill them. Let's hope we can build on this first milestone.

The Scene Getting Prepared For Tomorrow

Neo TV is doing an incredible job

Ok, I do not want to jinx it, but the working conditions are better than ever. The stage is just stunning and the organization on point. The graphics look magnificent according to Neo. There will be interviews on stage after each game by the Chinese hosts and do not worry, Remo also found a nice room from where he will run his own interviews.

The streaming was tested and everything ran perfectly at the first attempt!

Oh and of course, I am comfortably seated on a couch typing this article.

I really hope the event will start a new beginning for Warcraft III. Netease did its best to make this event a success, now we just have to enjoy the show!

The party begins tomorrow 11:00 CET, live @Back2Warcraft.





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