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Warcraft in Exile E02: China with Passion

30.05.17 | UgriWC3 591


It's rare for me to have the occasion to talk about Warcraft in French. The French scene has been decimated once SC2 came out and did not recover. 

Nowadays only two can have decent results internationally : Anima (will face Rudan for GCS Europe Qualifiers Saturday) and Passion. . 

We continue our series "Warcraft in Exile" with the Frenchman who decided to open up a little. He could not give us a recent/good quality picture for a nice banner, but gave us many insights!

Interview was made in English, no need to over-complicate the publication with translation work right?

Salut Stephane et merci pour l'interview!

Little presentation

Hi there , I am Stéphane also known as Passion or PassioNelf, elf player from France. I am 26 years old and am currently studying international management for my Master Degree in Chongqing University, China.

I come from Lyon, France. Apart from classes and Wc3 I enjoy travelling around China and playing badminton a lot.

Concerning my best results in WC3, I would say 2nd place during ESWC 2011 in France, a final of Gera Cup (a few semifinals as well), and semifinals or finals of Ifeng Cups back in 2013-2015 when I was already in China.

Note: the first time I watched Spirit_Moon replays I got hooked on his style and changed from orc to the weakest Elf race!

Passion (left) and Kurco (right) during ESWC 2011 

You speak Chinese fluently? 

I do not speak Chinese fluently. Unlike what most people would think, Chinese isn’t actually that hard to learn. There is no grammar, no tense and so on, the most difficult aspect of this language is the Chinese characters as there are thousands of them, it requires a very long time to learn. I’ve studied Chinese for five years, some years more seriously than others. Obviously, I have reached a good level, at least a satisfying level to me but I am nowhere near fluent as one would need to dedicate most of his time to master this language.

I can have a conversation in mandarin on most of the topics, in a professional environment as well as a less formal one. I speak, listen and read much better than I write though…  

Right now, I am almost done with the academic life and I am looking to join a company (either French or Chinese) and do international business development there. I have quite some experience with China already as I spent one year in Chengdu in 2013 and another whole year in Beijing in 2014 both time as an exchange student.

Of course, it is always nice to be able to communicate with Chinese players, Chinese tournaments organizers, watch Chinese streams and so on.

I especially enjoy Infi’s stream cause he explains everything perfectly, strategy wise. 

Qualified for R64 of GCS

I had a long talk with a GCS admin about the GCS qualifiers for us foreigners in China, he strongly advised us to play the European ones as the level would be lower and the qualification easier.

European qualifiers being played on W3arena, it would have been too laggy for us to compete. That being said, we had to be in top 100 in order to qualify for round of 64, I ended up 33rd which mas more than enough.

I was drafted in Sok’s group and I knew I had to beat him if I wanted to qualify. He is better than me and his style is VERY annoying, Towers, Tanks, Copters and more Towers. On ladder I had beaten him on TM after a 40 min game. I’m usually relaxed on ladder but when a real game comes I usually get stressed and I play at 70% of my capacity I would say. 

1st game on TR I did a stupid mistake, losing many HPs on my DH before even harassing his expo, yet I still managed to get my expo up and decent level on my heroes but without enough supply, he outpaced me.

 Annoying style? Mortars sniping an expo from a safe spot

On the next map AZ, I think I had decent chances to win that one if I had stick to mass faeries/hippos. Instead I went for a mix of dryads and bear/hippo which was a huge failure vs mass gryphons and dragonhawks.

 Passion overwhelmed in Game 2

Netease, his matchups

I must say Netease is so damn good. Good platform, good Waaghtv-like system, it is just so nice that we are able to watch others ladder games. 

Right now, I have to find a job or an internship as well as complete my academic year so my mind is not fully focused on the game. I still have some nice moments on Netease though, it is such a great thing to be able to play vs world’s best players. Especially the orcs, so many good orcs on Netease it is crazy, as it is my worst match up, I am happy I can work on it now.

I love playing against undead and human because it leaves a lot of room for pure strategy. I do not like mirror that much and I hate playing vs orc because it is often the same thing over and over again. I do not believe mass dryads to be the new “meta”... It works yes but it is not as consistent as talons, in my opinion. 

I talked about Netease but I still want to give a big thumbs up to the W3arena Team as it is where I was playing when I was in France in the past 2 years. They are doing a great job. 

Who is left on the French scene at a decent level? 

French scene died after ESWC 2011, most players ran to Starcraft 2 - myself included, but I ran as fast back to Wc3, Sc2 was too boring to me.

I do not know about the AT-RT scene so much but I know some French players are still active in there. In solo, Anima is here, Zeiko as well. Cornox would be decent if he’d stop getting drunk every weekend (lol)!.

Anyway I think of myself as part of the European scene more than the “French scene”. You may ask why ? Because of the Firestalker team! 

Clan FS

Kurco, Cornox, Immo, Guess and me (all French friends) all joined clan Fs years ago so we have been in a “German team” for quite some time now.

We won WC3CL together and just usually have a good time on Whatsapp and Discord :).

So yeah shout out to the team and to Fs.Jehu especially who is such a great team orga !

Anything else you want to talk about?

People have been asking why I do not stream on Twitch anymore. It is not because I do not want to, I enjoyed it a lot (hello RsRocky ?) but I live in a student hall on campus and the internet is not good enough for me to stream. If you guys have Netease, you can watch my games live usually around 17:00 CET!

Last but not least shout out to Back2Warcraft for the awesome job, I still watch you live when I have time. However, I cannot login on Twitch anymore, it asks for a Captcha that I cannot see (???).

Shoutout to Cornox my mass hunt partner, iMmo_1, Kurco and Théo le dieu. Thanks to whoever cheers for me when I play, I will try to work on the stress issue when I enter important games. There are two GCS Asia qualifiers remaining, lets go for it!

Merci à toi pour l’interview. 


Another Warcraft 3 player trying to find his place somewhere in this world. Who knows, maybe a Chinese company interested in Esport will read this and offer Passion opportunities?

In the meantime, good luck for the next GCS Qualifiers. And salutations to the FS Team, they seem like an happy crew!

Passion's stream :

Infi's stream :



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