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Map Vetoing: Does It Matter?

22.05.18 | RehcraM 2874


When playing in tournaments and playing on ladder you have the option to veto maps you dislike but is it even true that certain maps benefit certain races in certain matchups? And if so; which maps should you veto to enhance your chances of victory? In the following article, we'll be looking at the stone-cold facts to determine the answer to our questions!

The data in this article has been collected from Liquipedia (much love to the people who keep the site up-to-date) and covers tournaments only - hence no ladder play. The maps I've decided to look at are the maps in the GCS 2018 Summer map pool. I've, however, excluded Terenas Stand LV as I deemed the amount of data for the map insufficient.

The tables read from top to bottom, so when we look at the first table we see that Night Elf has a 54,1% win rate against Human, 47,7% win rate against Orc, and so forth.


Boy, that's a lot of numbers. Let's try to sum it up and see what we can conclude. As one could have expected Undeads, who thrive when playing 1 base against 1 base, has a high win rate on maps where it's difficult to expand, i.e. Ancient Isles and Turtle Rock. Undeads, on the other hand, are struggling when it comes to maps where expanding can be done rather easily, on maps such as Echo Isles. Here Human and Night Elf have a better edge.

So to answer our initial question: Yes, maps definitely have a say when it comes to the outcome of the games. This begs an answer to another one of our questions: What maps should you veto when heading into the ladder? Well, if we take an average of the win rates on each map per race, we can quickly visualize which maps you should strive to play and which you should stay away from:

What really strikes me when looking at the numbers are how good a map like Amazonia is for Human and how good a map like Last Refuge is for Undead (especially that win rate against Orc - Yawsa!). 

I hope you enjoyed venturing into the statistics as much as I do. Does any of the numbers surprise you in particular and what do you think are some of the main things that tilts the maps in favor of one race over the other?



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