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WC3Melee Team League (WTL) Announcement

13.05.18 | UgriWC3 2159


WC3Melee is proud to announce a competitive team-based league that gives clans a platform to show off their skills in the 2vs2, 3vs3, and 4vs4 game types!

The WC3Melee Team League (WTL) will be a round-robin, season-based league with the top teams advancing to the playoffs. Each week, there will be a clan war that consists of 3 separate best of 3 matches (1 2vs2, 1 3vs3, and 1 4vs4 matches) - with the winner of the clan war being the first to win 2 matches.

The goal for this league is to have a consistent, year-round competitive platform for team-based gamers to play on. There are many clans that pride themselves on having high skilled teams - this is where you show it!

Key Links

Map Pool
Application Section


In the application section, you will find a template sticked on the top of the forum that your team must fill out. Please follow the process below:

1) Create a thread in the Application Section (link here)
2) Using the Application Template (link here), fill out the necessary information
3) Have your team manager join the discord (link here) & message any WTL admin to gain access to the league channels.

All applications must be submitted by 05/18/2018 11:59 PM EST. Season length and start date will be announced shortly after.

Roster Notes from Rules:
5.1 - Each clan must have a minimum 7 players and a maximum of 10 players listed on the competitive roster, and at least 1 manager to be the point of contact for each team. Every player listed will be immediately eligible to participate in clan wars.
5.3 - Players and managers must submit the account names they wish to use for clanwars.
5.4 - Players and managers may only be listed on 1 clan roster.

Admin Applications:

If you like to participate directly and become an admin of this league, please go to the Applications section and fill out the admin application template (link here)

You can join WC3Melee on discord or contact KiLLiNDaY, their main admin (KiLLiNDaY#6237)




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