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Far Seer Guide: The New Meta For Orcs?

28.04.18 | RehcraM 4771


With the buffs Far Seer received in patch 1.29, we've seen quite a few players using him in various tournaments. 

In this article we'll take a look at how he tends to be played in the four different matchups.

Far Seer's spellkit

Feral Spirits is the key reason to pick Far Seer. They offer him the ability to apply loads of pressure against the opponent, which allows you to dictate the game in your favour. Accompanying Feral Spirits you can use Chain Lightning to finish of units you are bursting down. Chain Lightning also works very well against squishy units, such as Priests, Sorceresses or Druid of the Talon.

Even though Far Sight got buffed with the patch, it just doesn't fit into the playstyle in which you use Far Seer. You want to be attacking your opponent the vast majority of the game in all matchups, so the chances of you knowing where all his units are at all time is very high. If you do end up in a situation where you've lost track of your opponent, you can always use your wolves to scout very efficiently. Hence there is no need for the additional vision provided by Far Sight.

The ultimate ability, Earthquake, is notoriously known as one of the worst ultimate abilities in the game. In the suggested level-up order of spells I have placed it at level 7, so even delaying it till after getting level 3 Chain Lightning. I think there is some merit to picking it at level 6, but that requires specific use for it in the moment.

Against Undead

When playing against Undead you want to tech very fast. Even before starting your Barracks. This way you won't be able to get as many Grunts out in the early stages of the game, but you should be able to maintain a lot of pressure anyways. With your Far Seer you should be harassing his Death Knight and prevent him from creeping. An alternative is to creep yourself, but it generally is best for you if you both stay at level 1.

When your tier 2 tech has finished you want a single Beastiary and a Tauren Chieftain. Once your second hero has been trained you can pull your Far Seer back and creep your natural camp, to start an expansion.

As the Undead won't have Orb of Corruption yet, you are in a good position to fight. Use Ensnare and Stomp to catch out fiends. Just remember not to overextend into the opponent's base, as that can cost you a lot.

Transitioning into a tier 3 army you want to have Troll Berserkers to fight against the enemy Destroyers and two Kodo Beasts with War Drums upgraded. As for 3rd hero you should get either Shadow Hunter or Alchemist.

Against Human

When playing Against Human you generally want to have fast Grunts, so you have to make your Barracks before you start your tier 2 tech, unlike when playing against Undead. On larger maps like Twisted Meadows you can, however, get away with teching before Barracks.

Humans don't have any heal early on, as they often times delay their shop quite a bit. Therefor your main goal in the early game is to keep your opponent on low HP as well as preventing him from creeping. You want to be getting 4 Grunts early on and upgrade them with Pillage and Bersekers Strength.

As for tier 2 units you can go down two paths: Either Raiders and Spirit Walkers or Wind Riders. Personally I prefer the former, but there is definitely also a case to be made for Wind Riders.

The second hero you get should either be Tauren Chieftain with Shockwave or Firelord/Naga to keep up maximum pressure.

In the Grand Finale of the 4th Rus_Brain Cup qualifier we saw FoCuS fighting against Blade. The match ended 3-2 in FoCuS's favour, and all the three times he played Far Seer he won, showing just how dominating it can be when played correctly.

Against Night Elf

When playing against Night Elf you now have the option to harass with wolves, as they don't die to a single detonate anymore. Another option is to creep up in the early game before starting to apply pressure. The ladder option has been the meta on patch 1.28, but I think that harassing will fall in favour once the people get more used to doing so. You want to get 4 Grunts and get them Berserker Strength. 

The gameplan you have is to close out the game early on at tier 2. To accomplish this you go for a lock-down strategy. As soon as you get two Raiders and Shadow Hunter, you have good possibilities for stopping and surrounding the Demon Hunter and close out the game before the enemy gets a critical mass of Bears. As an alternative to Shadow Hunter you can get Tauren Chieftain. This gives a great combo of Shockwave/Chain Lightning against Talons, but also makes your lock-down suffer.

Against Orc

When facing Orc you can either go for a standard 2 burrow tech or the more greedy 1 burrow tech. Teching with only one burrow will give you are very nice timing attack with your second hero, but I prefer the safer route, getting some extra pressure in the early game and delaying the tech a tad.

As your Far Seer goes directly towards his base, you'll see if he's gone for 1- or 2 burrow tech. If he's taken the greedier approach you'll be able to punish him by cancelling his second burrow. You won't be able to do so if he went for 2 burrow tech. By attacking burrows and peons you will however be able to damage his lumber economy. He'll also have to react to your aggressiveness, so he won't be able to creep and get items/levels on his hero.

When reaching tier 2 you get either double Beastiary with Raiders or Beastiary/Spirit Lodge with Raiders/Spirit Walkers. I prefer the former, but either can definitely work.

As for 2nd hero I suggest Firelord. As he's a Tavern hero you won't have to wait for him to be trained, so you can up your pressure immediately. Firelord is, with his Lava Spawn, arguably the best Tavern hero for level 1 pressure, which is exactly why you want to pick him.

Writer's epilogue

I think this experimentation with Far Seer is very interesting to follow, and I'm looking forward to see how the meta will settle with him! What are your thoughts on Far Seer? Do you think he'll be superior to Blademaster once people get more used to playing him, or do you think he'll end up falling short?

I'd like to extend a special thanks to Ena1337, who's helped me getting a better understanding of how to use Far Seer. I encourage you to follow him on TwitterTwitch and YouTube.



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