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GCS Summer 2018 Europe Qualifier 1: HawK with the phenomenal upset

09.04.18 | UgriWC3 2025


GCS Europe Qualifier 1 was already played in advance, that's what everyone said. Foggy would get the first seat in Shanghai and could soon focus on more pressing matters.

That was also what I thought at about midnight Sunday when I went to sleep. Foggy leads 1-0 against HawK in the Finals after an easy win on Terenas Stand and, well, what could possibly go wrong?


Foggy Balboa knocked out

Waking up early (kappa) on Monday, I am greeted by message notifications from Chinese admins:

How could Foggy lose in the Finals? Do you have the replays?

Foggy played two finals on Sunday. He was defeated [2-3] by Lyn after an early 2-0 lead in the Otomads Cup. Fantastic games by the way, I recommend that you check the VODs by Back2Warcraft.

I really do not understand why they would ask me for the replays of a Chinese tournament though. Oh wait...

A quick look at Liquipedia and I am fully awake now. HawK turned the series in his favour and won [3-1] ! Unbelievable! According to, Foggy had won 16 series in a row against the Russian, a streak that was lasting for 20 months.

Semi-inactive HawK qualified for GCS. I am not being disrespectful there, we actually had to convince him to participate in the open qualifier in the first place!


Marathon Man

Series against Focus [2-1], TH000 [2-0], Lyn [2-3], and Cash [2-0] can drain your energy. I'm not trying to find excuses for our GCS powerhouse, but those are some of the best players in the world. Or maybe it seemed to Foggy that this qualifier was just a formality after having such amazing results on the International scene? Whatever the reason for this defeat, there is a lesson to be learned for Foggy and, we hope, an opportunity for HawK to make a comeback to the WC3 competitive scene. Eliminating Foggy in a pure Imperius style (rifle s- casters), you have to give him credit!

His performance was not just about beating Foggy. He also took out OrcWorker, his usual competitor for the second slot, [4-0] overall.

Let's just start with watching the VODs, then we will talk with the protagonists of the day.


Chapter 1
'I only played because you asked me to...' - HawK


Ugri : Hey Hawk, I just watched the games... they are amazing! You seemed very prepared, did you study Foggy's play against TH000 earlier?

HawK : Hi, amazing... rifles! No I did not study Foggy's play against TH000. I just played my game and I did not think I could win (smiles).

Ugri : You are now quite inactive and rumored to be semi-retired. You hesitated to even participate right?

HawK : Yes, I am lagging a lot on the Chinese server Netease and I do not have the motivation to play there anymore. I only played because Hundredkg and you asked me to (laughs). 

Ugri : Why is your connection to Netease so bad now?

HawK : I used to play with the Lonlife accelerator but I lost access for a year. It was playable for a time but now it is just massive spikes and a lot of disconnects sadly.

Ugri : Why did you go for a rifle push on AZ and AI?

HawK : I played Foggy on AZ the previous round and he beat me easily using the Warden. That's why I decided to use an old school strategy and add a Blood Mage to syphon her mana.
AI is just a very bad map to take an expansion so this strategy was the only one making sense.

Ugri : Can HawK playing at this level make it through the group stage in Shanghai? Did you enjoy your experience there last times?

HawK : I will not go ahead and guess on my performance there. As for GCS organization, it is an excellent tournament with a great schedule and they make sure the players are very comfortable. We have plenty of time to practice and are well taken care of.

Ugri : And we hope to see you there with Foggy again this Summer?

HawK : Sure! But a rumor is going on now that Happy wants to play the next qualifier now... maybe it is gossip? Haha!

Ugri : It most certainly is, Happy said 100 times that he will not go. Fans are worrying for their favorite, we will see how it goes! Thank you Sergei and congratulations, those were great games!

Bloodmage sucking the Warden dry


Chapter 2
'Can you imagine GCS without Foggy? Neither can I! - Foggy


Ugri : Hey Foggy, would you answer some questions about GCS Europe?

Foggy : Hi, sure!

Ugri : So I wondered if the Otomads final had an impact in your defeat, you were playing high level for a very long time...

Foggy : Sure it was hard to play 10 matches in a row and I expected to lose my concentration at some point and to start to make mistakes.

Ugri : Not using your avatar (Warden ultimate) was one of those mistakes?

Foggy : One key moment was when I forgot to pick up a book of strength at my expansion on LR... which caused a lot of delays. LR was a deciding map for me. I started to lose my concentration in the game and made many mistakes, like not using the Avatar of Vengeance.

Ugri :Are you worried to miss the last slot to GCS now?

Foggy : No way, do you imagine GCS without Foggy? Neither can I!

Ugri :I certainly cannot. Thank you for being so nice and positive, and good luck!

Warden should have read that book...


Chapter 3
'When you are tired, why not use more reliable strategies?' - Remo


Ugri : Remo, could you give us your analysis about GCS Europe Finals?

Remo : Well that was quite the surprise now, wasn't it? First off: props to HawK. How well he bounced back after getting shit on like that on Map 1, really impressive!

Now as far as Foggy is concerned.... What was going on there? I couldn't help but feel reminded of Xerxes and the Spartans. Such hubris.

I have always considered Foggy to be a confident player. But never one overly so. That day however he really did seem to be overconfident. It looked like he felt that he was standing head and shoulders above anybody else in Europe (aside from Happy, I suppose). And that he could win in any fashion he saw fit. But he was proven wrong.
Ugri : You think he was being cocky? He was probably tired after so many games?

Remo : It did seem cocky to me, yeah. When you are tired, why not use more reliable strategies like a DH on Amazonia and not a Warden?

And that Zeppelin play on AI, it stank of arrogance, haha (the DH boarded a Zeppelin and went to harass, without any means to defend his own base rapidly - editor's note). He could have won that game so easily.

Ugri : Oh yeah that was when the DH was at the other side of the map...

Remo : Yes, and I feel the same way about the game on AZ. Just play standard and you will probably win.  Do not take chances by playing the Warden.

LR was a well fought battle by both; but all aside, he should have won.

Where is a good DH when you need it?

A few notes from the author

Foggy will have a second and last chance to qualify for GCS on May 12th and 13th. He is already qualified for the round of 8 together with Cash and OrcWorker. 

4 more slots are up for grabs during the Second Open Qualifier on May 5th.

The final slot will be a Wild Card given by the admins of the tournament.

As for rumors about Happy participating, put them to rest, as he confirmed multiple times that he will not.

HawK and Foggy will have longer interviews published by Hundredkg on VK and, we will publish the translations right after.

In the meantime, enjoy the VODs at Back2Warcraft and Hi2Chaco!




Holy shit! I am so surprised. Foggy has to be qualified on GSC. NO OTHER WAY!
In the previous GCS, we saw OrcWorker beating Foggy to everyone's surprise. In the second qualifier Foggy absolute demolished all doubts about him not being worthy of a GCS spot. I think it's likely that we'll see history repeat itself (I definitely hope so, at least).
Great summary/analysis of the events and a fantastic cover. Loving it!
Been fanboying HawK since the invitational and now he does this! Love it <3

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