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Guide: How to play on Netease

04.04.18 | VampY 9350


Hello everyone, this is VampY! If you are looking to start playing Warcraft 3 on a more competitive environment against highly skilled players from all over the world, especially from China & Eastern Asia, then Netease is probably the best place to do that!

After going through this guide you will be able to Play Warcraft 3 on Netease, with the best ping possible for the location you live in, although this, more often than not would mean having to pay for a ping accelerator since the Netease servers are based in Asia, but of course we will get to that in a bit.

Before you start

Before you start with the installation of Netease I would highly suggest you get the “Google Translate” Add-on on your browser and use it to translate the pages you are about to enter, as most of them are in Chinese. This, of course, is not required but will help you, first of all to be able to read and have more control over what you are doing, and also to assure you that you are on the right path throughout the tutorial. I am going to use Google Translate in this guide, but since I will use the support of images as well, you won’t have to if you do not wish to. Here are links to the Add-on for the most popular browsers:

To use the Add-on just right click on the browser window while having the page you want to translate open and select Translate to English in Chrome:



Translate page with Google Translate in Firefox:


and Google Translate -> Translate this page to English in Opera:



For other browsers such as Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (or if you just do not want to install the add-on)  you can just use the Google Translate website to translate the pages. Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to

  2. Set the Language to translate to Detect Language.

  3. Set the Language to translate to, to English.

  4. Paste the page URL in the input box.
    Note: You have to include the http:// in order for this to work.

  5. Click on the link that comes up on the output box. This will redirect you to the now-translated website.


Step 1: Register a Netease account

  1. Go to

  2. Scroll down a little bit and press Register an Account.



  1. Chinese players have the opportunity to use their accounts to log in to the Netease client, but this is obviously only available to chinese players so we are going to go the regular path and create a netease account. Click on Netease.

  2. Click on Register Email Account

  3. Input the required information. Translations will be included on the image below. You can also find the captcha explanation on the next page.
    (NOTE: This is the only page you shouldn’t Google Translate, because you won’t be able to complete the captcha.)



How the Captcha works: (The captcha on this page changes all the time, comment below if you cannot figure it out. This one might be outdated)



  1. Your account is now created!

Step 2: Install the Netease Client

  1. Go to again.

  2. Scroll down a little bit and press International Version on the right.



  1. Click on Download to download the client. If you are unsure about how to install the client, just follow the steps on the page.


  1. Done!

Step 3A: Install & Set up Lonlife (Skip to Step 3B for the free accelerator)

To play on Netease from pretty much anywhere other than Eastern Asia you are going to have to use a ping accelerator. It is just impossible to play there otherwise because of the high ping. In this guide I am going to talk about two ping accelerators, a premium and a free one. Right now I am going to focus on the premium one - Lonlife.


Lonlife is a premium ping accelerator, and it is currently the best one for Netease. It is much more stable and faster than UU Accelerator (the free alternative). The only downside to Lonlife is that you have to pay in order to use it, at it can get pretty expensive for some people, but it is definitely worth it if you want to play warcraft 3 competitively. Let’s look at how you can set it up:


  1. Go to

  2. Click on Sign up on the top right and create your account.


  1. Now you are going to purchase your subscription by pressing the button shown below on the home page, the rest of the purchasing process is pretty straight forward.



  1. After you have purchased Lonlife, go back to the homepage ( and download the Lonlife Client.


  1. After you have downloaded the Lonlife Client proceed with the installation, but make sure that you switch the language from Chinese to English just after you open the installer.



  1. Now that the installation is complete, open the client and find Netease from all the games listed. Just type netease in the search bar at it will pop up.


  1. After Netease is selected, sign in your Lonlife account.



  1. Press Accelerate, to start the ping acceleration and after that Launch Game


  1. And now you have successfully set up Lonlife! Repeat the previous step every time you want to start Netease instead of just starting the Netease Client, because the Acceleration won’t work. Also never close Lonlife while Netease is running. Okay, so now if you did everything correctly Netease should start and you can move on to the next step.


Step 3B: Install & Setup UU Accelerator

  1. Go to and press the big button in the middle of the page. This will start to download the UU Accelerator Installer



  1. After the file has been downloaded, open it up and make sure the configuration is the same, before pressing the button to start the installation.



  1. The Client will launch immediately after the installation process is completed. When it does, select the game category from the tab on the left side.



  1. This will lead you to the game library. Type war in the search bar located in the top right corner of the window and then select the Netease Client (you should be able to recognise it by the logo).


  1. Now Netease Client is added to your games. What you are going to do now is press the button below and just wait for the process to finish.



  1. Now that the process is finished, a statistics page should pop up, but you do not need that at the moment so you are going to go back to the previous screen by clicking at the button shown below.


  1. Now that you are back to the main screen, press the button below the game icon (the left one) and find the path to Platform.exe. This is the Client Launcher for Netease and it should be located inside your Netease folder.



  1. You are done! If you did everything correctly the Netease Client should Launch automatically after you complete the last step. The only thing you need to do from now on is, start UU Accelerator and Press on the Launch button below to start Netease (see Step 5) instead of only starting Netease from it’s own client, because the ping acceleration will not work otherwise.

Step 4: Setting up the Netease Client

Now that you have created an account, installed the Netease Client and set up your ping accelerator it’s time to do the last step, which is setting up and configuring your Netease Client so you can finally start playing some quality warcraft games!


  1. Launch your Netease Client (Make sure to do that using your accelerator, of course) and log in.


  1. So now that you are inside the Netease Client, the first thing that should pop up is a window to input your nickname, full name and ID. Input your nickname and ignore the Full name and ID fields, unless you are a Chinese citizen. Just press on the submit button after you type your nickname, and if the window displays an error and doesn’t close, just close it yourself. It will pop-up every time you log in, so just close it every time without worrying about it.


  1. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, we need to do the last step - link your game to the client. To do this we need to go to the settings window, by pressing on the little arrow right next to the Netease logo and then Settings.



  1. Now just go to Game Path and here you have two options, if you press Download you will download Warcraft 3 in Chinese (Netease version). But if you do not want to have Chinese version you are going to have to do link the Warcraft 3 you currently have installed. Press Browse, find your Warcraft III.exe and select it as the game path.



  1. You might get a warning message after completing the previous step, like the one below. Don’t worry! This does not necessarily mean your game is a different version from the one required. It just means that you are not using the default version Netease offers (The one you get by pressing Download instead of Browse). As long as your game is up to date on the servers, it will also be up-to-date on the Netease servers. Just press Yes and make a quick test to see if the game works, by quickly spectating an ongoing match. See the next step.

  2. After you have clicked on Yes close the setting window and go to Watch. Now just double-click on a random game and wait for it to load. If the game loads without any problems and you are able to spectate, then your game is working properly. 


And that’s it! You are all set to finally start playing on Netease!


Good luck and have fun!



im very horny for that beautiful improvement of knowledge through the community
Super nice and thorough guide - thanks VampY!
Nice man :) ty :DD
Pure gold. Grats to vampy
Hi VampY and fellow Peons ,I am made several attempts to pass the registration form for a new Netease account but kept getting this error. All fields are checked.
Screenshot -
В мое время такой х... не было все там просто регались .Хорошо что создал сразу много аков)
nerfmagic37 This is an issue am I working on resolving still. There are a number of people getting this, but it is hard to find the cause of the problem. I will do my best to resolve it soon and mention it in the guide.
My suspicion would be to have a registered e-mail on one of their China based e-mail client servers? Have not done a test to confirm this.
Would explain why there is a suffix '' '' ,etc
When I registered my account this wasn't required, maybe it is now. I will definitely test that. Let me know if it works for you. Thanks!
Hi nerfmagic37, I'm Chinese, let me explain this. Actually Netease is one of the biggest mail servers in China, and Netease ladder is one of the products of Netease, and the accounts to log in to Netease ladder are Netease accounts, which are the same accounts to the Netease mail. But it's just an account, you can never use the mail. I'm a human player on netease, AKA littlehuman. Hope you have fun on netease ladder, and maybe we can meet on it, and FIGHT!!
And' ' are all Netease mail servers. You can try it.
basically pay 15 dollar to play on a private server lul

The english patch.mpg is not working anymore for 1.29.2. Is there a new patch for that?
não está + funfando

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