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[April Fools' Article] The Issue With Human Towers

01.04.18 | RehcraM 3513


In the light of Blizzard patching Warcraft 3 again, I think it's appropriate to bring up one of the big issues the game and it's balance is suffering from: the Human defensive towers. In this article I'll cover some of the many reasons why Human towers should be altered to a certain extent.

There is a quite wide consensus in the community (disregarding the oblivious trolls, of course), that the Human towers are too weak. This is the case for both the casual player, the current pro players, and even ex-pro players, like ToD, who's stated that he quit the pursuit of further competitive accomplishments, as the Human defenses always seem to fall flat compared to the other race's.

"It's no secret, that the main reason I stopped playing Warcraft 3 competitively is due to Blizzard's neglect regarding the Human towers. They simply are a too big Achilles' Heel for Humans. Boosting them would definitely make sense from a gameplay-perspective."
                                                                                 - ToD

There are many changes that could be made, but I'm going to put my focus on two specific ones, that I believe makes a lot of sense in both from a gameplay and a thematic/lore-wise standpoint.

The Constructional Logistics

One of the most ludicrous things regarding this topic is how the Human towers are build.  First the peasants build a Scout Tower, then they tear half of it down immediately and start building the actual tower (either Arcane, Cannon or Guard Tower).

It would make a lot more sense if Humans where able to build their actual defensive towers directly, instead of having to first build a needless Scout Tower. The Scout Tower also has a very confusing name, as nobody would ever use the tower to scout. In the recent Warcraft 3 Invitational we even saw one of the new rookie players, Insomnia, build a Scout Tower with the purpose of scouting instead of using a Farm. That just goes to show how confusing it is for the newcomers.

The Used Materials

Humans are miles ahead of the other races when it comes to technological advancement. If we take a look at the Siege Engine, we can see that they master the art of using steel. Yet they don't implement this in their buildings.

Right now, masonry is used, which is borderline idiotic, considering that concrete has been known for ages and was used in large quantities by the Roman Empire. If the Human race used concrete reinforced with steel instead of mason, they should be able to make their towers a lot more durable. 

Hence I suggest adding another, much needed, tier to the Lumber Mill's upgrades, called "Steel Reinforcement":


As earlier stated, it's pretty much an objective truth, that Human defenses should be buffed. What kind of changes would you like to see Blizzard implementing to make Human just somewhat viable?






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