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The Peons Award 2018

14.03.18 | RehcraM 2056


With the Academy Awards just having distributed their Oscars, it's now time for an even more prestigious ceremony: The Peons award distribution 2018. We welcome you to a celebration of the unit's strengths and weaknesses, as we take a look at the numbers in the wonderful game of Warcraft 3!

Bear in mind that the numbers used in the graphs below are associated with the unit's raw stats - so no upgrades are taken into consideration.

Some of the graphs have been cut off, and therefor doesn't show the entire range of data. This is to show the data in the most visually pleasant way. On graphs with a middle section cut out, a red stippled line shows where it's divided.

Category #1 - "Impenetrable" (highest amount of armor)

The Knight - very fittingly to his title - has the highest amount of armor. This may not be expected, as he's not the most expensive nor 'beefiest' unit.

Category #2- "Gotta Go Fast" (the fastest units)

Determining the fastest unit in the game was a real nail-bitter, as both Flying Maching and Hippogryph have a staggering 400 speed count. 

To find the receiver of the award, we asked them to race against eachother. Unfortunately they both came in on the exact same time, so they'll have to split the award.

Category #3 - "The Snoozer" (the longest production time)

The units that takes the longest time to produce is Frost Wyrm and Chimera, which both takes a whopping 65 seconds to have at your disposal after you've started training them.

The, on the other hand, most early rising unit is Flying Machine, that only takes 13 seconds to train - that is a production time that is even lower than the Wisp's!

Category #4 - "The Gold Digger" (highest hiring cost)

Bringing tranquility to Azeroth is no easy task, and the Mountain Giants charge accordingly. Though they are not researched in a tier 3 building, they manage to beat both Frost Wyrms, Chimeras, Taurens and Gryphon Rider's when it comes to unit gold-cost.

Ironically the cheapest unit in the game, Wisp, belongs to the same race as the Mountain Giants.

Now, let's not get ourselves too caught up in the individual units. In the next few diagrams we'll be giving out Peon Awards on behalf of the races average stats:

Category #5 - "Packing a Punch" (highest average attack damage)

We see that Night Elf and Undead really comes out on top, when comparing the race's attack damage. The slight edge goes to Undead. The Frost Wyrms average of 104 damage definitely goes it's distance to raise the bar.

Category #6 - "Tough Skin" (highest average armor)

Earlier on we determined, that the Knight have the highest armor amongst units. The above diagram goes to show, that this is representative for the entire Human race, as they have the highest amount of armor.

Orc on the other hand, haven't reached a point in civilization where they are capable of forging as powerful armor, which is very apparent, as they have the, by far, lowest average armor.

Category #7 - "The Beefiest" (highest average unit hit points)

We saw that Human have the highest armor, but that isn't synonymous with them being able to tank the most, as they have the by far lowest amount of health. In this category Undead takes the cake.


The stats presented in the article gives little to no insight in what unit and races that are the best, as is doesn't account for many different parameters, that are very essential to the benefits of units. The article has been written purely due to curiosity in the unit's stats - a trivial pursuit, so to speak.

Hopefully you have found the article to be an interesting read in despite thereof!



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