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GCS Summer 2018 - Three Western Qualifiers announced

08.03.18 | UgriWC3 2262


Golden Championship Series have been the backbone of professional Warcraft competition in 2017. Foggy stood out last two seasons with 3rd then 2nd places, missing the title [3-4] to TH000 in a memorable series last November.

While we wait with excitement for 1.29 to come out, it's time to gear up and get ready for battle! With quite a few changes this season.


Maturing to their 3rd year of GCS competitions, Netease decided to freshen up their qualification system for this new season.

Korean and Chinese players are now engaged in a hunt for points, through monthly qualifiers tournaments, monthly ladder races and the final ladder ranking. China is getting 8 slots while Korea will get 3. There are 2 more places up for grabs for the highest ranked players behind those 11.

This is quite technical. You can follow the state of the race on Liquipedia.

We will put Asia on the side for now and focus on what lays ahead for our players this semester.



Two European Qualifiers

Like last season, two European players will get to see Shanghai this summer. As it is not possible to use the Netease race system here, we stick with the format used last season.


Europe Qualifier #1

Pre-qualifier : March 31st - 17:00 CET
Final Round : April 7th & 8th - 17:00 CET
Invited players : Happy, Foggy, Cash, Sonik
Qualified players : 4 slots
Prize : 3000 RMB for the winner (presence in Shanghai mandatory)
Registration link : click here

We will start with a preliminary round on March 31st, any European player or European resident can register. The best four will play the final round on April 7th and 8th with the four invited players. The winner goes to Shanghai.

Happy is invited by Netease to participate once more. His position is not known yet and we will patiently wait for his decision. Seeing him in Irvine for Warcraft 3 Invitational was big for the scene and we hope to see more of him this year.

If Happy declines, Orcworker will take the 4th slot in the final round.

As we did last season, we decided to invite to the final the four best ranked players in B2W ELO rankings. As it stands, Orcworker and Hawk are behind despite qualifying last seasons.

There will be a second qualifier for a second slot.


Europe Qualifier #2

Pre-qualifier : May 5th - 17:00 CET
Final Round : May 12th & 13th - 17:00 CET
Invited players : 3 players ranked 2nd to 4th last qualifier
Qualified players : 4 slots
Prize : 3000 RMB for the winner (presence in Shanghai mandatory)
Wild Card : 1 slot
Registration link : click here
Tournament powered by ESL

As it is inconvenient to organize a qualifier for 5 slots, the organizers will invite one player based on reputation or recent results. Last time, ACS runner-up Hunter received that Wild Card. 

It will not be the case this time because...


One Qualifier for America

The second innovation this year is for Netease to grant one ticket to Shanghai for the best player in America.

This decision was really celebrated behind the scenes as it rewarded a one year project to have an American Warcraft player go to China once more after WCA 2016.

Working with Dportgaming, Over-Admire and MartialSpirit, we decided to organize the American Championship Series (ACS) on the exact same format as GCS to prove that Warcraft was not dead in America yet. We then submitted the Qualifier project to Netease, and they agreed.

We believe it's important to support all scenes in Warcraft 3, even though we are aware no American will win GCS this season. 

Anyway, enough storytelling, here is how and when you can go to Shanghai to play Warcraft 3 my American friends!

American Qualifier

Pre-qualifier : April 21st - 17:00 EST ( 16:00,  23:00)
Final Round : April 28th & 29th - 17:00 EST
Invited players : LongWalk Hunter Walter Mackay
Qualified players : 4 slots
Prize : 3000 RMB for the winner (presence in Shanghai mandatory)
Registration link : click here
Tournament powered by ESL

Invited players are the top 4 ranked of the last major tournament, American Championship Series.

Register and play even if you feel you have no chance as a strong participation in this qualifier is needed so America can have a stable status in GCS.


An improvement for our scene

This season is really an upgrade for the Western scene with 3 given slots from 2 last time. Netease also tripled the prize money for qualifying from 1000 RMB to 3000 RMB (475 US$).

Patch 1.29 should be implemented right before or during those qualifiers. Netease already confirmed that the new patch will be used as soon as it is officially out.

Time to go on that PTR!

All the action will be live on Back2Warcraft!

Good luck to all players for this new season. 



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