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Warcraft 3 Invitational: Patch 1.29 Tournament

21.02.18 | RehcraM 46236


We can finally unveil all the secrecy and speculation that’s been in the community the last couple of weeks - and we are excited to do so!

Old legends, Grubby, Insomnia, Tak3r and MaDFroG will all participate in the event that there have been many rumors about in the community. The event is a tournament celebrating the upcoming launch of patch 1.29, which contains a ton of hero balancing and the promised Ladder Version map pool.

Old school line-up. left to right: Tak3r, Insomnia, MaDFroG, Grubby

Together with the retired players, we can look forward to seeing four Korean players (ReMinD, Lyn, FoCuS and LawLiet) as well as four Western players (Happy, Foggy, HawK and Effect).

Mana bars, 16:9 native widescreen, 24 player limit, brand new map pool and a ton of Hero tweaks. Those are a few of the things we can look forward to with the upcoming patch. Check out the bottom of the article for a link to Back2Warcraft's video covering the changes.

The kick-off tournament is an offline event that will take place at the Blizzard Campus. The event will be held  February 27-28 – making it a two-day event with a well-packed schedule. We’ll see both interviews with the Blizzard Classic team and the players and, of course, a ton of amazing games.

Western line up. From left to right: Effect, HawK, Happy, Foggy

Korean line up. From left to right: ReMinD, Lyn, LawLiet, FoCuS

The tournament will cover a broad spectrum of formats including 1v1, 2v2, 4v4 and 3v3v3v3! We'll see both an Old school tournament, a 2v2 between the same retired players as well as mixed "big-formats" including 4v4, FFA and 3v3v3v3. To put the cherry on the cake, we have a big clash between the Western players and the Korean players participating in the event. The two teams will duel in both 1v1 and 2v2.

Tournament Game Schedule

Player Statements

"I am looking forward to this trip to the US, especially to visit Blizzard HQ. Unfortunately, RTS games are not that popular any more, but I am sure that many will return to the game to experience the updated version.
It will probably be like SC1 remaster. There had been a lot of hype around it, which made everyone want to play the campaign once more just after it was released."

- HawK

"I, as a fan of war3, am really expecting Blizzard to annouce its remaster of war3, and I dont know If they will service remaster or mobile warcraft3 but there must be some reason for having this event with the legend players. so I'm really looking for a big surprise. and with the surprise war3 can be revived again like the old time which every war3 fan is hoping for.

many heros are fixed their ability and these 2 ones are the biggest ones. with the Blademaster's critical strike nerfing orc race seem to be very affected. in the other hand farseer is the one which changed its skill the most. the point is farseer's summon now gives lower XP to enemy hero and increased its HP, and im shocked level 3 wolf can be summoned at level 4.. this might make users use farseer more than blademaster. So with this weaker blademaster I dont think orc can deal with the race undead which is buffed so much of their heros. Farseer can be strong to fight with UD but only before destroyer comes out. as a nightelf user i hoped for more change its race but it didn't happen. Hero fixing is very good still we are lack of unit fixing or item things"


The Changes

If you haven't yet read about the changes or just want a seasoned profile's take on them, make sure you watch the Youtube playlist below made by Neo from Back2Warcraft:



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