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Interview With Lyn

09.02.18 | RehcraM, Pimz696, UgriWC3 3342


Reigning supreme in 2016's Warcraft, Lyn has been more absent in 2017. After a hand injury handicapping him for the first half of the year, he came back after the summer, but could not really compete with TH000 among others, and got ousted from GCS Winter by Romantic in the group stage.

Nonetheless, 2017 will be a year to remember for him, as he got married in December during a fairy celebration.

What are his plans for 2018? Hurricane.Bo went ahead and asked him during an interview in Chinese. Lyn lives in Chengdu and speaks Korean, Chinese and English fluently.

TranslationLeaf Smart/Ugrilainen

BoHello Lyn. Can you introduce yourself shortly?

LynHello, I am Lyn, an inexpert Orc player from Korea. I am happy to be interviewed and it is a terrific opportunity to share my experiences and thoughts with my fans. Besides, I would like to use this opportunity to sincerely thank all of them for their great understanding and support.

 BoIn 2017,the number of WC3 competitions reduced drastically. How do you feel about the overall environment for Warcraft 3

LynThis decrease in activity for Warcraft 3 in 2017 is real. WC3 and SC1 situations are similar. After 15 years, it's a miracle that fans still have such an interest in this classic RTS ancestor.

I am satisfied with the current state of the game and I believe we should enjoy it as long as we can. This game defined my youth and does not seem to lose its vigor yet.

Lyn vs Infi - Seer Cup Grand Finale


I will keep attending tournaments

BoHave you ever considered to retire or transfer to other games, like Foggy recently announced

LynWell, I am more likely to become a WC3 professional streamer in China instead of just continuing as a player for this game. There are so few WC3 teams or sponsors these days.

But I will still attend tournaments if time allows me to. I will persist in Warcraft 3 this year while working on some other projects for myself.

BoHow much time do you spend on practicing war3 now? Compare to the time period in SK, Wemadefox, which period you invest more attention on this game?

LynOf course, when I was a professional player, I practiced way more. Nowadays I am spending about 5 hours a day on WC3.

BoHow do you practice ? 

LynI used to practice in private with other professional players because that requires a high level of concentration, and the progress is obvious. But nowadays it is quite difficult to find professional players to practice together, and most of them just play Ladder Tournaments for fun. The number of professional Korean players drastically declined and the Chinese ones usually play quite late at night.

I think that the most efficient way to advance my techniques, however, is watching replays. During this process, I can analyze those trivial details which affect the whole game. 

BoWho are the best players per race of all time?

LynSky myself  Moon 120.

Hahaha, I am just joking as my broadcast followers would know. Nowadays, the skill gap between the best players is not as big as it used to be and luck always plays a factor. Tactics also changed dramatically.

It is hard to say which player is the best, everyone has a different opinion.

BoWhat makes a player really successful?

LynDuring my broadcast, my audience is often discussing WCG and is making it a symbol of success (note : Lyn won in 2011). This is not a wrong definition.

Sky vs Lyn - WCG2011 Grand Finale

Perseverance is the main factor of success for me. Sticking to it. There are some players that won championships in the past and could still win today just based on their technical skills of course.

Whichever is your definition of success, perseverance is always key.

Bo: You just got married in Chengdu, how is married life?

 Lyn: We have been together for many years, so married life did not really change anything.

Lyn at his wedding

Bo: You retired in 2013 and came back in 2016, what did you do in between?

Lyn: I was doing my military service. I had few days off during that time so I could not focus on anything else. 

During those holidays I either went home to Korea to rest or to China to visit my girlfriend and friends.

Those years were mostly spent inside the barracks.


Standing night guard duty when it's -20°C

Bo: Can you describe life in the military?

Lyn: Every day was like this : 6:30 get up, 7:00 training, 8:00 military service work, then eat lunch, continue work in the afternoon, 18:00 dinner, rest about 1 hour, at night - stand guard, go to bed.

All days were the same (at the exception of "special training" days) so it was quite boring. The worst was probably to stand guard duty in the middle of the night when it was minus -20°C at night.

I tried to make the best of my time there. I asked Check and Remind, they took like 40 days off in two years while I had 90 and applied to travel abroad. I can be satisfied in comparison.


BoWhat will your future be like ? Will you go back to Korea or stay in China ?

LynI settled down in Chengdu. I am the "hotpot-orc king"!

We have just had our wedding ceremony and enjoyed our honeymoon.

I would like to advertise my new streaming channel, as I am a Warcraft broadcaster now! 



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