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Clan Youth: An Opportunity For Western Players

30.01.18 | UgriWC3 2110


Sheik is playing Chinese Cups such as Ifeng (RIP - say hi to Gera for us) for a long time. He has a little career in China winning prizes here and there. One day clan Youth manager Xiuxi contacted me for transferring a small prize to the Russian Undead.

Then to Imperius...

Then to Cash!

I had this little idea to one day make a pure Western clan for EWCL and see how well they would do. Surely it would benchmark our players talent better than going to GCS and facing the ultra Asian elite that only Foggy can contest?

Clan Youth kept recruiting more players with Passion and can be fairly considered now as the WC3 European legion in EWCL.

Clan Youth is actively preparing the next season and is trying to reach out to more of our player pool - with the goal of setting up three teams for EWCL S25!

Lets have a chat with XiuXi, creator of clan Youth.

Can you give your clan an introduction?

Hello, my name is XiuXi, I founded clan Youth in December 2015. We first started competing in EWCL during season 21st. Last season, we had our best result with a 4th place during EWCL 24th!

What are your requirements before recruiting a player?

We expect players to train on Netease ladder regularly and be able to reach level 25. I mean, they do not have to reach this level statistically but this is what their skills must be equivalent to.

We also play internal Youth Cups regularly, and there are some small prizes to be won. We inform our European players in advance as they cannot really read our forum.

Then of course, we want them to represent clan Youth in EWCL!

Can you give us an history of the Youth Cup winners this season?

Yes of course!

YCS1 Hum18 

YCS2 Fast 

YCS3 Fast 

YCS4 XiaoLin 

YCS5 Imperius 

YCS6 Cash or Safe (finals tbp)

Prize pool is total 200 RMB ($31) for each cup spread this way :  100 RMB  50RMB  50 RMB

When is EWCL played and when is next season starting?

EWCL is played on Fridays at 20:00 CST which is not convenient for all Europeans of course.

  • Note : 20:00 CST // 13:00 or 14:00 CET  // 14:00 or 15:00 MSK //  07:00 or 08:00 PET

Next season of EWCL will start in April but we are already building a team and we want to attract more foreigners in our roster.


We will help players with their connections

What about ping issues for foreign players?

Players involving in the clan will receive our help with their Lonlife accelerator connection if need be.

Sheik was your first European recruit?

Yes, he has been with us for two years now, ever since EWCL 21st. One of my admins named Mr3 spotted him on Netease and suggested that we talk with him. With the help of a friend that talks English better than I do, we invited him to the clan and he accepted.

Do you accept players that play only 2v2?

Yes of course, there is one 2v2 per clan war and we will gladly accept any good team.

EWCL seems to be always about clans A1, Go and Ps. Any room for clan Youth to reach the top 3?

We cannot be satisfied with only a 4th place. Even though those 3 teams are really dominant, we want to change this next season.

I will lead clan Youth to victory through blood and glory and we will knock them down!*
(*This line was hard to translate)

A good opportunity

It is remarkable how clan Youth is determined into involving more and more foreigners into their roster. Allegedly, Razzorman and  Blade have joined already.

Clan Youth has provided Sheik and Imperius with a steady flow of small prizes over the last year. It also a good way to extend one's training while showing that Europe has resources not limited to the very famous Foggy, Happy, Hawk or Orcworker.

I thought it would be cool to ask Sheik what were his thoughts about his Clan Youth experience; so let's go!

Hey Sheik, do you mind giving your impressions about your experience in clan Youth?

Hi, well I just play every week for them. I like the BO2 system used in EWCL, it is neither too short or too long to play.

They recruited many Europeans players, the latest being Blade apparently. I think  atheistP and Deathnote are in the roster too but are inactive.

What is your best memory playing for the clan?

Well we usually lose before the playoffs so it is hard to remember a great victory yet aha. But I won one Youth Cup once and entered the main roster right after, it felt nice.


I just understand they call Fast "dog"

Do you communicate with the Chinese players there? You have been there for two years now.

Woaw, I did not realize it had been that long! But yes that's true, time passes quickly.

I am in their clan group but they just spam things in Chinese I do not get, haha. I know they call Fast "dog", that's all I can understand. Do you know why they call him that?

Not really, but Fast Cup had a dog on its logo, it must be a Chinese meme thing!

Or maybe he just loves dogs so much, haha.

Thank you for your time Sheik and good luck to clan Youth!

Note from the author

I do not have direct confirmation of Blade's being a new recruit of clan Youth.
Clan Youth is managed by three very motivated admins including Xiuxi, very supportive of their European players. He helped me handling Foggy, Cash and Imperius through another complicated Chinese 2v2 event: Fat Boss Cup. Their team is playing tomorrow the semi-final of the competiton and the prize pool is quite large for an amateur event. Xiuxi can be thanked for his efforts.

Any player wanting to reach out to clan Youth can contact me or any of the players mentioned before.

Last word for clan Youth who themselves translated their slogan. Enjoy!


Joining with brothers, we are under the name of Youth.

We hold nothing but a desire to win.

One could only be destroyed until he lost his entire life;

One would only stop fighting until those opponents are defeated.

One lives once for sure, while as long as we have Youth, backing out of the EWCL won’t be an option!



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