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I want to help Warcraft 3

27.01.18 | UgriWC3 4358


Regularly you run into that comment on reddit, twitch or any kind of forum

"Someone should do this"
"It looks fairly easy to do that"
"If I'd known, I would have donated something"

Good news is that anybody can help! Let me just explain you how.

If Warcraft 3 is still alive today, it is largely due to its community not giving up and taking over tasks that should be done by professionals. And also due to Back2Warcraft supporting it in the West of course.

Managed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers, Warcraft 3 need a regular flow of fresh blood in its system to keep going. Let's see what you can do to help!

Hosting games

Several events a week are in need of people ready to spend a couple of hours to create the games for our favorite players to play. The number of potential hosts is not large enough currently and the charge is heavy on those remaining.
With a quick training and tutored by X3-Demon, Greenfield, Hundredkg, Woker, Over-Admire or else, you will be able to be of great help.


Our writing team here at is not very large : seven to nine in total with about three currently active. We all have this period of time when we cannot write due to time constraint.
You do not need to publish an article per week. Just one good article every once in a while is already a great help!


English, Korean, Chinese, Russian and sometimes Spanish. Publications are made in 5 languages we do not all speak but with information we are interested in. Usually all sites publishing about Warcraft 3 are open to share their articles (except China sometimes) as long as the source is clearly mentioned and the content unmodified.

If you want to help us with those translations, let us know!

Updating Liquipedia

Liquipedia is great as it allows for all tournaments to be preserved for history. There is not a Chinese equivalent  and basically it relies upon us to keep track of everything.

Currently there are too few active updaters are working on updating liquipedia. 

Anybody can update Liquipedia, this is nothing complicated. We can tutor you into doing so.

Moderating a twitch channel

From viewers insulting players, commentators to homophobic and racist slurs; we do not want that on our twitch channels. Where is the moderator? Why isn't anybody doing something?

Well maybe you could help into moderating B2W or another twitch channel, considering you are not one causing trouble in the first place.

Of course to moderate B2W you need an approval from the mod team before. If you are a long time viewer and benefactor, that should work out just fine. Splix is probably the most active of them all and could provide you with the basics.

Logos and banners

We need our piece of art regularly to illustrate an article or promote an event. I can name a few that did in the past (Shad, Countcardboard...) and let's celebrate RehcraM's talent in doing all of the banners for each articles.

If you have some talent, let us see it!


Yes Warcraft needs money! We just wrote about Gera Cup's passing. Thankfully there is not a need to give large donations but be sure to be welcome if you want to do so!

You can donate to twitch casters, players or tournament organizers. Most of players are streamers as well, you can give them directly through their channel. 

Contact Ugri

If you want to help, just contact me and I will help you help us :

Discord : Ugrilainen#3478
Twitter : @UgriWC3 (I accept direct messages)
Email :

Long live Warcraft 3 and its community!





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