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Romantic "Yaws is my mentor"

17.01.18 | UgriWC3 1882


Could he be the sensation of 2018? After being considered a Tier 2 player for a long time, Romantic has stepped up his game last year with two spectacular results during last GCSs.

Reaching the 4th place in Summer, then getting out of the "group of death" in Winter, he was stopped twice by Foggy during full length series.

Enough to talk about Foggy being his Nemesis? Not according to the young Chinese.

For the first time in 2018, I am teaming up once again with Chatwin for an interview. Let's see what Romantic has in his mind for the upcoming year!


Looking at Group D last GCS, not many people must've bet on Life and Romantic getting out of Group D safely. Two recent world champions were in the way, including the doubly GCS-crowned 120 fighting for his 3rd title in a row, and the last WCA champion Lyn, coming back strong after a minor hand injury.

After losing to Life in a poor manner, voters gave him only a 2% chance of qualification... to hell with the voters! Romantic employed the best guerilla tactics the human race has to offer; tanks for Undead, tower rush for Orc, and managed to advance!


Hey Romantic! Thank you for agreeing to this interview.
Nice results recently in GCS and Hols cups (won Hols Cup #15 and #16)!

Thank you, I am practicing really hard day after day. I analyse my replays, and always play with a big heart. I spend a lot of time now figuring out the reasons for my losses.


Streaming platforms are cutting Warcraft 3 budgets (WFZ left pandatv). What pushes you to move on and keep on playing?

I do not have to "force" myself to play WC3, I always do my best to be successful in what I love doing. WC3 is my youth, I love this game and I will not stop until I have achieved what I aim for: success.

Romantic after qualifying for GCS Winter Playoff

We noticed on social media that you are not single anymore?

Yes, I fell in love... I don't know if that makes me stronger in the game, but having someone close to you supporting and encouraging you is a nice feeling.

Your stream channel is named "no.1 hum". Are you that confident?

Haha, not really, this is just to announce to viewers what my goal is and for me to stay motivated to move forward.

You were obviously in the Top 4 Chinese this year. Shouldn't you have been auto-qualified for Super GCS in February?

**Romantic declined to comment**

Wouldn't you be now a Super GCS favorite? You beat 120, have a 60% win ratio over TH000, a 57% win ratio in Human mirror...

Being a favorite? You must be kidding me. I am still a nobody even though I am good in Human mirror. I am not strong enough to be called a favorite.

(Note : TH000, Infi, 120 will be his opponents)

You have a poor win ratio over 120 (35%). Did you find the key last GCS?

I do not think I did, luck played a factor and 120's preparation for this tournament was not optimal. If indeed I  did change my strategy to counter his way of playing last time, be sure that he already adapted to that. Using the same strategy again might not work as well next time.

Great GCS seasons but you were eliminated twice by Foggy. Is he your Nemesis?

Not really, I am not struggling that hard against Foggy. Both series I was close to victory (note: defeats 1-2 and 2-3), so I think we are close in level. He just prepared a little bit better than me for that match.

Yaws always speaks highly of you as his favorite player currently. Were you aware of that?

Yaws is my mentor from the previous generation of Human players and he accomplished great things in his career.

About his praises I can only say that they make me happy and make me want to achieve something great in return. I pursue my WC3 career to give something to those that follow my results and have high expectations of my progress.

(note: Yaws is WCA 2015 finalist).

Something to add ?

I want to thank my girfriend, Yuyu, she gives me motivation and energy to keep going. I hope I can return this support with my whole life.

Writer's notes

Romantic is already feared by the best. Lyn and Focus always hope to avoid him in tournaments. He may very well be the current best player in Human mirror too. He changed his mentality in 2017, moving from a nonchalant talent not investing too much time in training, to a dedicated player leaving nothing to chance. And it has already paid off. His challenge for 2018 will be to upgrade his level of play against NE and UD, his weakest matchups. 

Will Super GCS be his launching ramp toward fame and glory? Tune in to Back2Warcraft on Feb 3rd to find out!



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