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This Week in Warcraft: January 9th-15th

15.01.18 | RehcraM, Pimz696, MR_Moonstruck 937


Catch up on a rather interesting week in Warcraft that saw 1v1, 2v2, and 2v2v2v2 competition, as well as a ROC Human Campaign speedrun on a Twitch event that had over 10 000 concurrent viewers.

Seer Cup

Date: Thursday January 11th – Sunday January 14th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft (Neo and Remo)
Bracket: SPOILER
VODs: Back2Warcraft Youtube Playlist

This week group C and D of Seer Cup played. Seer Cup is a Chinese Cup sponsored by Seer Pro.


In group C we saw Foggy, Hawk, LawLiet and Lucifer battle it out for two playoff spots. Foggy seemed very dominant in his group, defeating Hawk and then LawLiet 2-0, becoming the only player to enter the playoffs with a perfect 4-0 record. After losing to LawLiet in his first match, Lucifer clawed his way through the lower bracket, defeating an out-of-shape Hawk 2-0 and then getting revenge against LawLiet in the lower bracket final with a 2-1 victory to earn his way to the playoffs.

Group D, the aptly named group of death, saw Lyn,, Romantic, and Wfz battling it out for two playoff spots. After losing to Lyn, the top Orc vs Orc player of 2017, was unfortunate enough to meet Romantic, the top Human vs Orc player of 2017, in the lower bracket. After his win vs, Romantic got revenge on Wfz in the lower bracket finals, taking the series 2-0 to enter the playoffs.


Hols Cup Weekly #19

Hols Cup Weekly 19 was postponed until Tuesday January 16th due to issues with the NetEase platform.

Vitalius 2v2 Cup #7

Date: Friday January 12th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)

Happy and Cash once again take home the ~$100 prize pool of this tournament.

Gera Cup #141

Date: Sunday January  14th
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube



Perhaps the biggest surprise in this week's Gera Cup was Sheik taking down FoCuS 2-0 in the quarter finals, using a tier 2 Undead tower push in the second game!

In this week's Gera Cup we did, however, again see the two Western giants facing eachother in the final; Foggy and Happy. As we have become accustomed to, Happy took the win, winning 3-0 in an impressive fashion.

This win makes for Happy's 40th time winning Gera Cup, and he has also set the record of most Gera Cups won in a row, winning the last five cups. He is 'taking' the record from himself, as four times before has he won four consecutive Gera Cups (#83-#86, #99-#102, #123-#126 and #132-#135.)


Madness Cup #3

Date: Saturday January 13th
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VODs: Hi2Chaco Youtube

A 2v2v2v2 Showmatch that pitted LawLiet and, Hawk and Blade, Happy and Cash, and Foggy and Orcworker against each other.

In one of the shortest 2v2v2v2 matches I have ever seen, Hawk and Blade, LawLiet and, and finally Foggy and Orcworker were eliminated one by one. After a mere 30 minutes, Happy and Cash were ~$50 richer.


Reign of Chaos Human Campaign - Speedrun

Date: Saturday January 13th
Cast by: AGDQ
VOD: AGDQ Twitch

Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 to fundraise for the Preventing Cancer Foundation featured the ROC Human Campaign being finished in 46:07.

MooCup #112

Date: Monday, January 15th
Cast by: Marsimoo
VOD: Marsimoo's Twitch channel

Marsimoo is back this year with the first installment of MooCup, which was another random hero, random race event!



In this week's MooCup, Lucifer seemed to be on fire, taking out Sonik early on, then drawing Hawk in the Semi Finals. Hawk was lucky to get Human with Tinker first in the first game, whereas Lucifer gets Night Elf with Warden, which isn't bad either. Both players do well on tier 1 and get an exe, but later on Lucifer loses to Gryphons. In the second game, he takes his revenge in an UD mirror, where his Beastmaster's Thunder Hawk shines against Hawk's ghouls early on. The round was decided in Lucifer's favour, as his Archmage/Blademaster combo makes short work of Hawk's tier 2 Orc army.

In the other Semi Finals, Happy plays Boltthekodo (aka FpXy), and him getting his main race leads to the predictable outcome. The second game, Happy draws Night Elf with Pit Lord, and finds himself on the receiving end of a Human tower rush with Far Seer. but Kodo doesn't get enough towers up, and loses most of his peasants to Rain of Fire. Happy doesn't give away this advantage, and terrorises Kodo with his ever-growing Pit Lord, until he wins himself, once more, a seat in the Grand Finale.

In the finals, Lucifer gets Undead with Shadow Hunter on Echo Isles, where happy goes the Imperius route, getting himself some Riflemen on a single base, but he’s got a Far Seer for support. The Shadow Hunter gets to level 4 fast, and Lucifer bullies Happy from the middle of the map, but Happy finishes surpisingly with a surround and kill on the poor Troll… The second game was another Undead mirror, where Happy gets Tauren Chieftain first, and Lucifer a Panda – both good against ghouls. Happy strikes at Lucifer's mine early on, leaving Lucifer with just 16 supply after 6 minutes (but also a leveled Panda after finally driving Happy off). It ends in destroyers vs destroyers, but Happy keeps on the pressure, and Lucifer’s mine running low and takes him down over time, landing himself another title this week.




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