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NWC3L Season 9

13.01.18 | RehcraM 1609


Credit to rbr.Shorty for writing this article and being a main figure behind the league!

On 14 January 2018 starts the 9th season of the New Warcraft 3 League (nWC3L). The league was created in 2014 by Nikolay “Nick” Shmatkov, and he was managing it up until the last season when he had to step back due to personal reasons. As one of the only 3 active clan leagues in Europe (together with WC3CL and CWL), and the only league that features WC3L style clan war format (4x 1vs1 + 1x 2vs2), nWC3L has been offering unique opportunities for players to compete against each other in teams, providing opportunities to many to reminisce (or to experience for the first time) the emotions of playing in or witnessing Warcraft III clan clashes.

There have been numerous teams that have participated in the league over the years (40 in total, before this coming season, with 2 new teams signed up for Season 9), but the fact that many of those teams have been regular participants talks highly about the quality of the league and the sturdiness of the clan organizations. Below is a list of the teams with more than 5 seasons in nWC3L (including Season 9):

*These teams participated in one or more qualifiers, but did not qualify for the regular season. Their participation in the qualifiers is counted as participation in the corresponding season.

However, the most successful team in the history of the league is team France [FRA], which is the only team to win the league more than once, with victories in Season 3 and Season 4. Specifically in Season 4, FRA boasted a menacing squad, which at different points of that season included players such as ToD, LawLiet, Anima, SaturN, and Zeiko. The fact that only 1 team has ever won the league twice shows the competitiveness of the event. Below is a list of the most successful teams in the history of the league:

This season the league will feature an entertaining combination of teams with both pan-European/American and with country-specific squads. Among the latter group are teams such as LG (German squad), BG (Bulgarian squad), RLB (Serbian squad), and SWE (Swedish squad). Additionally, some of the strongest non-Asian players are part of different teams. These include 10 out of the 17 European players in the top 50 of Back2Warcraft’s January 2018 Elo Ratings.

While most of these players are concentrated in just a few teams, most clans have at least 1 or 2 stars that could turn every match in either direction. Below is a list of some additional very noteworthy players:

After much consideration from the organizers, the structure of the league will be greatly improved, and the teams in this season’s event will be divided in 2 divisions with promotion/demotion system and no qualifiers for newly signed up teams (as it has been in previous seasons). Division 1 will consist of the teams that played playoffs last season, as well as other first team squads (of teams with two squads). Division 2 will consist of all other teams, including teams that didn’t participate in playoffs last season, second squads (of teams with two squads), and newly signed up to the league teams:

The Division 2 champion automatically qualifies for Division 1 next season, while the 8th team in Division 1 gets demoted to Division 2. The 2nd ranked team in Division 2 will play a playoff match versus the 7th ranked team in Division 1, and the winner of that match will play in Division 1 the next season.

The first match of this season features the same teams that participated in the Season 8 Final, a strong promise for everyone to expect a great show!



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