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Warcraft in Exile E01: Party time with atheistP

24.05.17 | UgriWC3 660


I've met with many Warcraft players by now and the vast majority of them, if not all of them, stroke me as introvert people. Pretty smart ones too.

I had this discussion during our WCA breakfast in Yinchuan with Foggy I think... there was this table of CS:GO players talking loud with fancy clothes not far from us. We could basically tell which table was in it for which game depending on its behavior!

AtheistP, I ran into him during GCS in december, the first day. He came to pay a visit at the studio, he had just arrived from Serbia and would work in China from now on. 

He came with a friend, laughed and suggested party plans... got my interest right away!

Small world

Even more funny when I arrived at the studio with Foggy was that it was a difficult time for our favored casters Neo and Remo.

They were sitting in the living room with half desperate faces. We were 30 minutes before the planned casting time and nothing was ready. AtheistP was there and happy to be, cheered them up at least a little bit!

So how is it going guys? 

Since that day we stayed in contact and we worked on his integration into the GCS Asia Qualifiers. He had to reach a top 100 ranking before May 10th... and so he did, playing from a Net-bar where he became quite the attraction.

Interview with atheistP

Hey atheistP! Give us a little introduction?

Hello my name is Pavle Veljkovic, I am basketball coach in Yangzhou China. Beside basketball, I like the night life - A LOT. I like playing Warcraft and HotS. I am also a DJ.

 atheistP during a 1v1 tournament

I have never won any major tournament but i was part of WCA and GCS European qualifications in 2016 and also part of Asian GCS Qualifiers #2 this month. I went several times went into the semi finals of Gera Cups.

Do you have to be a basketball player to play Warcraft in Serbia? 

This is interesting question,well no you do not but in our case this is true! We are both basketball players... Rudan is playing basketball professionally now in Serbia. I was too before I got injured.

We became good friends, we played some basketball competitions together, we also played 2v2 AT tournaments. We like to hangout together and we help each other in many things.

I am trying to bring him to China too! He is terrific guy and also our friend Ajk is part of our group, we are like family, we are very close.

atheistP - Rudan - Ajk 

How do you like it in China?

China is really unique and totally different from our European way of living. There are some things that I really like but also some which are difficult for me to accept : I am fighting! 

The thing I mostly like about China are GIRLS. Seems like my type of women are Asian aha! 

There was one funny story when i was playing an exhibition 3on3 tournament with a famous street basket player from USA called - Bone Collector. After the match the fans came and asked me for pictures and autographs. It was so strange for me but this is China ; seems like everything is different! 

You play Netease for a few weeks now?

Yeah i've been playing Netease for almost a month now,but not constantly.

When i have time i go to a Net Bar and play some games, it's amazing to play on Netease without ping issues, i think it's the dream of every WC3 players on the globe.

I still need to improve some things, and i need to buy a new computer at home. It's hard to always go to the net bar after a hard day of work when you feel exhausted.. I definitely need to do that!

I am still not satisfied with my level of play but I hope that in the near future I will play a lot better. 

You became quite famous in this internet cafe?

I wouldn't say  that...  it's interesting for them to see foreigner in Net Bar,i am the only one there and it's strange for the clients. There are also many many beautiful girls who play LOL/DOTA in this Net Bar, it's an amazing atmosphere.

And everything is on a highest level... computer's chairs, there is one big screen for streaming, several private rooms, a room for tactics, a room for napping...

It is amazing really, I was shocked when i entered first time.

You qualified for the R64 but lost quite hard against Yange? 

Yes I managed somehow to qualify even though I wasn't playing that much and I was losing a lot.

Yange is right now better, that's a fact. In game 1 on TR, I made a terrible mistake for no reason and lost my Archmage. Maybe I was tired because I came straight after work to play.

I still had chance to win that game actually, I was ahead. Game 2 was quite one sided.

I plan to play on Netease when I have free time and i will try to improve in every segments. We can expect some better results in 3 or 4 months maybe.

Anything else?

I would like to say hello to all WC3 fans in Europe and to the people who supported me in my match against Yange.

In the future i plan to organize online tournaments for Europeans, twice a month, with a prize pool like Gera Cup.

Big hello to my teammates from Real Life Buddies - Rudan, Ajk, Rocky, Coolno2 and all the others.

See ya next year - Maybe :)

One day, two interviews 

Funny enough, the very same day I asked him for an interview, Pavle had another scheduled with the internet cafe company "B5 esports". I will tweet the link once I get it.

I was very surprised that he wanted to buy a computer and play at home, since there seems to be many very nice girls in that net bar?

Warcraft might be even more important for him than I thought? Then we should see him back soon in another GCS Asia Qualifiers!

Good luck and have fun atheistP. For the fun we are not worried!



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