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This Week in Warcraft: 2nd-8th January

08.01.18 | RehcraM, Pimz696, MR_Moonstruck 1108


The holidays are over and with it are the gazette's festive cover pictures. Hopefully that won't discourage you from following the exciting results from the Warcraft scene, as Seer Cup has started, where loads of exciting matches are being played!

Seer Cup

Date: Thursday 4th January – Sunday 7th January
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube Playlist

A massive ~$3000 prize pool tournament sponsored by Seer Pro, Seer Cup is planned to run through most of January, with the grand finals being played on Sunday January 21st.



FoCuS and Sini both dominated their matches on day one of Seer Cup. When the two played in the Group A grand finals, Sini pulled off a beautiful win on map 2 after killing both of FoCuS’ heroes with mass dryads. On the deciding map, Sini tried an interesting AoW push with a Warden, Dark Ranger, and mass ranged troops, which unfortunately was fended off fairly easily by the Korean legend.

In the lower bracket, Chaemiko put on a human-vs-orc-50-food-battle clinic against XioaKK after a rough early game on Last Refuge. Chaemiko took the series 2-0, and then defeated Sini in the same fashion.


In group B Life and Infi showed why they are two of the top players in the game currently, both taking their first match 2-0. After Sok won an interesting series against Colourful in the lower bracket, Life killed his chances for the playoffs 2-0 in the lower bracket final.


Gera Cup #140

Date: Sunday 7th January
Cast by: Back2Warcraft
Bracket: SPOILER
VOD: Back2Warcraft Youtube 


The king of Gera Cups, Happy, came out strong again in this week's Gera Cup, beating Foggy 3-1 in the finale. Happy played a great cup where he eliminated many of the Gera Cup's top contenders. Again he showed us that with his micro capabilities, a food-disadvantage does not always matter all that much!

Hols Cup Weekly #17

Date: Tuesday 2nd January
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)



Ena and orc fans everywhere rejoice! Hols Cup 18 featured an exciting orc mirror final between and XiaoKK. Defeating the Dragon Tamer, has set himself up for a very nice 2018 so far.


pG Cup #11

Date: Thursday 4th January
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
VOD: Hi2Chaco Youtube (finals only)

The eleventh Cup sponsored by clan Pro-Gaming featured a very exciting mappool which included less used W3Arena maps such as Uther’s slumber, as well as a selection of maps from the Back2Warcraft Mapping Contest. The full map pool can be found along with the bracket at the link above.



As with many European Cups, fans were treated on a Foggy vs Happy final. What was surprising, however, was that Foggy managed to beat Happy for the first time ever in a BO5! Part of this surprising result may well have been the new map pool. Happy was very unhappy with the changes to the standard mappool that have happened this past month, and it may have been that this change threw him off his game more than Foggy.


Regardless of this factor, Foggy played a great series and is well-deserving of the $45 he won for taking first place.


Vitalius Cup #6

Date: Friday 5th January
Cast by: Hi2Chaco
Bracket: SPOILER
OD: Hi2Chaco Twitch (Starts 3:50:39)

Another week, another Vitalius Cup. The players fought valiantly and a winning team came out on the top.



With TopNotch (Happy/Cash) being eliminated early in the cup, we had a new refreshing finale this week: SkyWorker (Foggy/OrcWorker) vs. Inermis (LawLiet/

The Koreans came out on top and took the match 3-1. Congratulations to LawLiet and!


Warcraft 3 Madness Cup #3

Date: Saturday 6th January
Bracket: SPOILER

In this week's refreshing fun-cup, the players played with random heroes. The very elite of the Western scene competede and gave us some fun matches and an unexpected winner.


HawK took the win in the finale in a bo1 against Happy. Though HawK's bracked looked tough he managed not only to beat Happy in the finale but also Foggy and Cash on his way there. 

Congratulations to HawK who showed that he is a great player in different competing enviroments!




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